No Justice No Peace

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

After a careful review of multitudes of evidence, the Grand Jury chose not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Williams on murder charges for the shooting of Michael Brown.

Riots and looting began immediately following the prosecutor’s announcement. By the next morning, at least 25 businesses had been burned, 61 people arrested, numerous businesses looted, and countless windows broken throughout Ferguson and the surrounding area.

Darren Wilson’s side of the story has finally been released. According to Wilson’s account, he was leaving a call when he came upon Michael Brown and his accomplice, Dorian Johnson, walking down the middle of the street. Cars were maneuvering around them. They were obviously a road hazard, so Wilson told them to walk on the sidewalk. Next thing he knew, he was trapped in his car, being assaulted by Michael Brown, fearing for his life.

As much as Michael Brown’s parents, the protesters, and the activists may want to believe that Officer Wilson is some racist cracker pig who just felt like gunning down an unarmed black kid, that isn’t what happened. The physical evidence backed up Darren Wilson’s account of events. The “witnesses” who claimed to have seen Darren Wilson murder Michael Brown changed their stories.There was no case.

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  1. I totally agree with the entire article. When did we become a nation of people who totally disregard our faults while pointing fingers at others. I for one am sick of being blamed for things that happened decades before I was born. It’s time that we stop being so pc and begin calling things what they are. Michael Brown was a criminal who chose to attack a cop, I hate that he died so young but the true tragedy lies with the fact that the community is blaming a cop rather than working together with the police to solve the problems that their community faces.

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