Playing The Long Game

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

When Congress passed the CROmnibus bill (Continuing Resolution/Omnibus = CROmnibus), many conservatives were incensed, myself included. Many on the Right have been working hard to show America what a horrible law the Affordable Care Act is. Republicans in Congress have tried again and again to stop the bill, but with Democrats controlling the Senate and the White House, all attempts thus far have failed. Likewise, the president’s recent unconstitutional actions to provide de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants have been widely criticized.
So when the Republican leadership passed this continuing resolution, funding Obamacare and the amnesty until next September, many on the right felt betrayed (again, myself included). But there may be another game afoot.

If Republicans had pushed through a continuing resolution that defunded Obamacare and/or President Obama’s amnesty, it would have floundered in the Senate, the government would have “shut down,” at least, as much as government ever shuts down, which isn’t really that much, and we would have entered yet another contentious blame-game, no doubt with the Democrats once again engineering very public consequences of those evil, extremist terrorists in the Republican Party. Their media allies would get on board, and we’d spend our Christmas debating who is more evil – the Statist Democrats, or the Terrorist Republicans.

This is not to excuse the $1.1 Trillion spending bill. Republicans are championing some cuts that made it through in the CROmnibus, including cuts to the EPA and the IRS, and while this is definitely a small step in the right direction, any politician who votes in favor of $1.1 Trillion for a year’s worth of spending should be ashamed, because our nation cannot afford it.

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