Do Any Lives Matter

It was only a matter of time before the anti-police protests sweeping America resulted in dead cops.  From the beginning, the protests have been less about “justice” and more about taking revenge for perceived injustices.

The anti-police hysteria in America has gotten so bad that protesters were heard at “Reverend” Al Sharpton’s recent march in New York City chanting “What do we want?  Dead cops!”  Shortly thereafter, two NYPD officers were dead.  I normally wouldn’t ascribe the actions of one deranged individual to a larger movement, but when we have Americans openly calling for dead cops, it makes it quite difficult to extricate the mob from the killings.

To make things even more disturbing, there have been justifiable police shootings, where suspects were shot after pointing guns at officers, that were met by mobs accusing them of racism.  So first it was racist for cops to use force against unarmed assailants, and now it’s racist for cops to use force when met with direct threats.

Now, we have officers letting crimes slide for fear that they’ll be targeted for assassination, we have protesters illegally blocking major roadways, and then complaining when they get run over.

And the craziness isn’t stopping anytime soon.  On Christmas Day, there was an attempted assassination of a police officer in Durham, North Carolina.  It seems the violence will get worse before it gets better.

Here’s the real question: do any lives really matter anymore?

sharptonEveryone seems so wrapped up in their own agenda, it doesn’t seem to matter that lives are at stake here.  Men like President Obama and Al Sharpton make some small mention of keeping the protests peaceful and shunning violence, then they spur the violence on by implying that America has an epidemic of racist cops just waiting to end innocent black lives.

A few weeks ago, the president of Smith College was pushed into apologizing after she sent out an email to students with the subject line “all lives matter.”  You would think that phrase would be rather uncontroversial, but if you fail to stick with the mob’s chant of “black lives matter,” then you are a racist.  Not all lives are allowed to matter – you are only allowed to care about the lives the mob tells you to care about.

It gets tiring hearing how these protests are supposedly the purest form of American democracy.  These protests aren’t about democracy, they are about mob rule.  Fomenting a race war doesn’t demonstrate democracy.  Shouting out your support for dead cops doesn’t demonstrate democracy.  Attacking police officers for defending themselves doesn’t demonstrate democracy.  And blocking roadways definitely isn’t democracy – it’s just plain stupid.

There are many courses of action that our nation could take that would help to stop the violence, bridge the racial divides in our nation, and bring people together.  Acknowledging that all lives truly do matter is a good place to start.


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