America’s Religious War – Whether We Like It Or Not

Last week’s attack on the offices of the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo captured the world’s attention, and predictably, Progressive elements are yet again rising up to equivocate and excuse the actions of evil terrorist thugs. It seems that every time Islamic terrorists attack the civilized world, it is necessary for some to wring their hands over the possibility of anti-Islam backlash, while others breathlessly explain why Christianity is just as bad (the implication being that Christians should just keep their mouths shut about Islamic terrorism).

_78494916_sm9h0msoThe end result of all of these excuses? We continue to do very little to confront one of our world’s greatest evils, allowing more innocent people to die in the name of our high-minded “tolerance.”

To make matters worse, there seems to be growing support for restricting speech that might offend Muslims. In other words, THE TERRORISTS ARE WINNING.

The overwhelming sentiment seems to be, “Maybe if we’re nice to them, they’ll just go away.” Because that strategy has worked so well at stopping evil in the past.

Every religion has its blemishes, but unlike Islam, the vast majority of world religions were not born in violence, and do not practice violence in the name of their god (or gods) today. Even Mecca, one of Islam’s holiest cities, became an Islamic city through military conquest. The religion spread has spread through two means: conversion and conquest, the latter being used if and when the former failed. The Crusades began as Europe reacted to this Islamic conquest, lest they be conquered themselves.

Islam has always been “tolerant” of some other religions, provided any non-Muslims subjugate themselves to the Islamic government. The jizya, a tax that non-Muslims are forced to pay, is a part of Sharia law. And if the non-Muslim elements were ever to gain too much wealth or power within an Islamic society, chances are they would face a choice: convert or die.

Islamic nations allied themselves with the Nazis in World War II; they may not have been part of the so-called master race, but Nazi and Muslims were able to find plenty of common ground in their hatred for Jews.

Today, many evils are ignored in the Muslim world due to political correctness, and the wealth and oil controlled by Middle-Eastern Muslim nations. Yet across the Muslim world, non-Muslims are second-class citizens. Women are forbidden to drive, to get an education, to walk outdoors without being completely covered. In many Muslim nations, women are killed for adultery after being raped. Female genital mutilation is all too common in Muslim areas in Africa.

Islam has a long history of using kidnapping and threats of violence to further their cause. The Barbary Pirates came from the Berber Muslims in North Africa, terrorizing international shipping lanes, demanding tributes from nations that essentially amounted to “protection” money. Nations that did not pay the tribute would find their ships attacked, the crew kidnapped and held for ransom.  Today, they do much the same, kidnapping foreigners and holding them for ransom.  Every time nations give in, they fund Islamic terrorism, yet too many nations pay the ransoms anyway, funding the very terrorists who then plot to attack them.

Here in America, our government seems to be in full-blown denial when it comes to the threat posed by Islam’s jihad.  President Obama made a statement condemning “violent extremism” and “foreign terrorism,” and his plans to hold a “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism,” completely ignoring the religious factor involved.  This weekend, Attorney General Eric Holder was asked multiple times if the United States is at war with radical Islam.  He refused to answer the question directly.  And President Obama, showing the type of leadership he has become famous for during his presidency, failed to show up at a massive anti-terrorism rally in Paris, despite having an open schedule.

9-11-toomuchnews-com-1-21vu212As long as we continue to ignore the danger Islam poses to the Western world, we will continue to face attacks.  Al-Qaida is encouraging its followers to commit “lone wolf” attacks.  This is exactly the kind of thing we were trying to avoid by waging a War on Terror overseas: to prevent terrorists from carrying out attacks here in America.  Now that we have eased up on our campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have seen a resurgence of radical Islam in the form of ISIS.  There have already been several “lone wolf” attacks in the United States and other Western nations: the Fort Hood shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, a beheading in Oklahoma, an axe attack on two NYPD officers, a shooting at Canada’s Parliament, the beheading of a soldier in London, a hostage standoff in Australia.  Much of the West abounds in soft targets.  With tenuous economies across the globe, the West cannot afford an extended campaign of lone wolves.

We have a choice: we can either meet this threat head-on, or stand by and watch as it devastates our way of life.  As of right now, we seem to be choosing our own end.


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