What They Said They Would Do

My latest column is up at Right Wing News.

Here is an excerpt:

We conservatives who have been upset over the lame duck Congress’s passage of the $1.1 trillion CROmnibus bill last month have had a bit of a reprieve over the past couple of weeks, as the new Republican-controlled Congress moves forward with a much more conservative agenda.

Personally, I was, and still am pissed off at the House leadership’s tactics in pushing the CROmnibus through. A spending bill that large doesn’t get written overnight, yet they held on to it until the very last minute, forcing Congress into crisis mode to facilitate the bill’s passage – a common tactic in Washington these days. While they made some important cuts to the IRS and EPA, they should have been much more forthright in explaining their long-term strategy to their constituents, instead of running on stopping Obamacare and the president’s executive amnesty, and then pushing a massive spending bill through at the last minute that did neither. To say that it was very poorly handled is putting it lightly, and many conservatives will not soon forget, or forgive, this betrayal.


But in late December, as I was voicing my opposition to the CROmnibus, and specifically expressing my disappointment in Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, in whose district I happen to live, Congressman McCarthy gave me a call. It took me quite by surprise, as I’ve only met Kevin a couple of times, but I was grateful for the opportunity to discuss my concerns with him directly, and to hear his perspective.

To his credit, the Republican Congress is moving on the exact agenda that Congressman McCarthy told me they would be working on.

Continue reading here.


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