The Battle Over DHS

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

On February 27, funding for the Department of Homeland Security is set to expire, and once again, the blame-game is in full force in Washington. The House has passed a bill to fund all of DHS, with one exception: the House bill bars funding for the implementation of President Obama’s executive amnesty. Democrats claim that the GOP is placing funding for Homeland Security at risk. Nancy Pelosi has been quoted several times calling on the House to pass a “clean”funding bill, claiming that GOP attempts to stop executive amnesty amount to “anti-immigrant grandstanding.”

But what’s really going on here?

The House’s funding bill would pay for all current DHS operations. The only really significant thing about the House bill is that it leaves out funding for implementation of President Obama’s unconstitutional executive order. It does nothing to combat the massive amounts of waste at DHS. Nor does it do anything to combat any of DHS’s growing extraconstitutional law-enforcement activities. While Democrats would like us to believe that the Republicans’ bill is some deep, dark Tea Party scheme, I can guarantee you that many in the Tea Party would like to see cuts to DHS that extend far beyond just shutting down President Obama’s extraconstitutional executive order.

And likewise, the push to stop President Obama’s executive amnesty goes far beyond “anti-immigrant grandstanding.” Twenty-six states have sued the federal government to stop these unconstitutional actions, prompting a federal judge in Texas to issue an injunction.Secretaries of State from Ohio and Kansas have testified to Congress that Obama’s amnesty could enable illegal immigrants to get away with voter fraud, as “motor voter” laws that tie voter registration to government services will make it easy for illegal aliens to register to vote…and as they gain more ‘legal’ recognition from the government, it makes it that much harder for elections officials to weed out the non-citizens from the roles.

Continue reading here.


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