Feminazism Avenged

UPDATE (5/13): I watched Age of Ultron last weekend, and after seeing the movie for myself, the feminists’ complaints about it seem even more ridiculous than they did before I’d seen it.

**Spoiler Alert: I haven’t watched Age of Ultron yet, so I can’t spoil much, but there are a couple of minor spoilers here & at some of the links.

In the world of science fiction, Joss Whedon is practically a god – even when one of his shows flops, it’s still a hit, as evidenced by Firefly, arguably the best short-lived show in the history of television (Browncoats unite!).

Whedon has seen huge success as director of Marvel’s Avengers movies, but the latest installment, Age of Ultron, has not been without controversy.

Whedon recently deleted his Twitter account after being relentlessly henpecked by a bunch of feminists who, apparently, are upset over the lack of female leads in the Marvel Universe, and more than that are upset because the franchise’s strong female characters aren’t treated exactly how the feminazis think they should be treated.

Anti-Marvel sentiment among the feminist crowd has been raging for a while now, but with Ultron, I guess it really started with this promotional video from Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner:

It’s blindingly obvious that they’re joking here, but what they failed to realize is that you can’t make this kind of joke with our society’s obsession with victimhood.


Frankly, targeting Joss Whedon doesn’t make sense to me.  Whedon’s career has been packed with strong female characters.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the biggest shows on TV in its day, with half of the lead characters strong females, including and especially the title character.  Firefly included Zoe Washburn, the “warrior woman,” as well as a few other strong female characters in leading roles.  But apparently, reforming the genre from the inside isn’t enough…if his strong female roles aren’t everything the feminazis think they should be, then it’s perfectly okay to make him an object of ridicule.  From what I could gather, the biggest problem with Age of Ultron is that Black Widow got upset because she can’t have kids.  Outside of the sphere of rabid feminism, that isn’t such a strange thing.  It isn’t anti-woman – to just about any woman who would like to have kids some day, it’s a natural reaction.

Personally, I applaud Joss Whedon for deleting his Twitter account and thereby getting away from the hopeless negativity that is the modern feminist movement.  There has been a push for strong female characters in science fiction and comics for a while now, and Joss Whedon has done a lot for that cause.  It’s too bad that for the feminists, it will never be enough.


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