Now Perception Really Is Reality!

“Perception Is Reality” has been an adage of modern politics for many years – to sum it up, it basically means that when SHTF in the political arena, the truth doesn’t matter nearly as much as what the public thinks is the truth.

But now, it seems that perception truly is reality.

First, the media spent weeks obsessing over Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s surgical malformation.  Bruce Jenner felt that he was a woman, so he underwent hormone therapy and surgical transformation to make himself look more like a woman.  Of course, at a basic biological level, Bruce Jenner will always be a man, but in today’s society, if a man feels like a woman, then he’s a woman – biology be damned.  Ironic coming from the group that condemns conservatives as anti-science, but apparently, biology is only science when we want it to be.


And just as Caitlyn Jenner was fading from the news, Rachel Dolezal entered the national media scene.  This white woman, born to white parents, decided that she felt like she was black, so she styled her hair, got a tan, and applied for a job with the NAACP, where she served as the president of the Seattle chapter.  She stepped down yesterday, after her parents revealed that she was actually white…but even though she resigned from her position, she is still sticking with her narrative that because she feels like she is black, she truly is black.  Not because of her skin color, mind you, but because of her feelings and perceived cultural experiences.  “Well, I definitely am not white. Nothing about being white describes who I am.”


The truth is that most people these days don’t care about race, at least as it applies to skin color.  That’s why Rachel Dolezal seems so important to some on the Left – we can move past looking at skin color, and define race by culture…so when you denounce those rioters in Baltimore as thugs, or avoid black people dressed as gangbangers, you really are being racist, because you are looking down on the culture that defines what it is to be black.  Does it matter if you would do the same for thugs and gangbangers of any race?  Not anymore, because now they’re black, too.

I guess this means that we should take another look at the Brian Williams scandal, as well.  After all, if he truly felt that he was on the helicopter that took the RPG hit, who are the rest of us to judge his feelings?


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