You Just Can’t Trust Government

Initial reports about Dylann Roof, the young racist scumbag who killed 9 people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, indicated that the .45 handgun that he used in the shooting had been a gift from his father.  This was reported by both the Washington Post and Reuters, but as it turns out, that just wasn’t true.

As it turns out, this convicted felon was able to walk into a gun shop and purchase a gun…because the feds screwed up his background check.


Apparently, the federal system used for background checks is some kind of amateur Mickey Mouse operation:

[FBI Director James] Comey indicated that the data was not properly entered in federal criminal justice computer systems, or had been mishandled by an analyst with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

I mean, seriously?  “Mishandled by an analyst?”  Just the fact that there is data entry involved at the federal level boggles the mind.  The bureaucrats and the big-government crowd are already complaining that these programs are underfunded, but the simple truth is that, had they set the system up right the first time, the federal government would have minimal involvement in entering data into the federal background check database, because they would receive that data directly from state law enforcement agencies.  These kinds of things really aren’t that difficult to set up, but as we’ve all seen from Obamacare, the feds aren’t known for getting it right the first time…and the only reason we saw it with Obamacare is because that was a very massive, very public failure.  We’ve also seen how inefficiency at the Veterans’ Administration ended up costing lives.


It kind of makes you wonder: if the federal government can screw up this massively with the criminal background check system, how many other bloated, inefficient, poorly constructed systems exist at the federal level that the public will never find out about until something goes horribly, massively wrong?


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