Death = Life, Oppression = Freedom

I will admit that Facebook debates are rarely useful, but they are sometimes enlightening.

I got into a little discussion the other day when a liberal/progressive friend of mine posted an article from The Huffington Post about Planned Parenthood’s sham report “proving” that the Center for Medical Progress had deceptively edited their video footage to make Planned Parenthood look bad.  They left out, of course, that their supposed neutral third-party that audited the videos is also known for doing opposition research for the Democrat Party.

Someone else decided to jump into the conversation, and just rubbed me the wrong way:


Now, maybe I do live in a “myopic bubble,” but I have a hard time how understanding how so many people in a so-called “enlightened” society can consider themselves “pro-choice,” while denying an unborn child any choices at all.

Our society has dictated that sex is all about pleasure, and that people can and should choose to have sex as often as they want – and that if contraceptives fail to prevent pregnancy (the natural consequences of sex), then that lump of flesh growing in the woman’s body (aka the baby) should just be chopped up and vacu-sucked out of the womb – and, in Planned Parenthood’s case, dissected and sold for profit.

There are so many things wrong with an argument that says that one human should have no choices in life – and should be killed – so that another human can choose to escape the natural consequences of their actions.

As a parent of approximately 2.75 children (2 daughters and a son on the way), any time I’m told that I should have no say in whether my children live or die simply because I’m a man, I get a little testy.

No society can call itself civilized where death is considered preferable to poverty, or it’s considered acceptable to kill the mentally or physically handicapped because they don’t fit 100% with our definition of a life that’s worth living…and no society is civilized where babies can be killed simply because they are an inconvenience.

We should be better than this.


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