Obama’s Call for Politicization

In response to the school shooting in Oregon, President Obama called for Americans to politicize these tragedies:

In response to President Obama’s call for politicization, I am donating to the NRA.  I urge other freedom-loving Americans to do the same.

Based on media reports, this monster was targeting Christians for execution.  It is the laws and policies of the Democrats that left all of those people defenseless in the face of evil.  I have the natural right to defend myself and my family, and so should every other law-abiding citizen of this nation.  One of my greatest fears is that one day soon, my government will pass a law that makes me a felon if I stand up for my 2nd Amendment rights.  In the state of California, that day gets closer and closer every year, as the Democrat-controlled legislature passes more and more anti-gun laws that restrict my freedoms.

Stand up for your freedoms.  Donate today.


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