Lessons Learned

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

Last week, the Democrat presidential candidates gathered for a “debate,” except that it wasn’t as much a debate as it was a contest to see which candidate will bring about America’s economic ruin the fastest. After watching this exhibition in stupidity, which would have been better suited to the common area of the nearest nursing home than to nationwide prime-time television, here are a few things that I have learned about the Democrats’ warped and twisted version of reality.

1. It doesn’t matter how much money we spend!

One of the hallmarks of this election cycle is that the Democrats are (in their own subtle way) finally admitting to their own extremism. While they have spent years pointing fingers at Republicans, shouting that any right-of-center moderate is a racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic terrorist just because they suggest that the government maybe should consider spending a tiny bit less money, the Democrats are going full-blown socialist this time around.

The two front-runners are Bernie Sanders, an unapologetic socialist, and Hillary Clinton, who is just as much a socialist as Sanders, but chooses to call herself a “progressive,” due to the well-deserved stigma surrounding socialism.

Much of the debate ended up being a contest to see who could pledge to hand out the most freebies:

  • Free immigration! No more borders, just come on in!
  • Free health care! Especially for all of those illegal immigrants flooding across the border we just opened up!
  • In-State Tuition for illegal immigrants! Because everyone knows that sneaking across international borders in the dead of night is just like being the citizen of a state!
  • Free college! Because we’ve watered down our education system to the point where even a 4-year degree is practically meaningless, so why not hand them out to whomever wants one?

There were more, of course, but is it really worth dragging you through the entire list? By the end of the debate, I was a little surprised that we weren’t witnessing a slug-fest between the Free Puppies and Free Kittens platforms.

Continue reading here.


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