Obama’s Clever Plan

Over the summer, the TSA did an investigation, and found that 73 of their employees were on the terrorist watch list.  These are people whose identities are tracked in a US government database, yet a US government agency couldn’t identify them and prevent them from getting jobs where they have access to sensitive areas in US airports.

But I think I’m starting to see what President Obama’s real strategy is for fighting ISIS.  After all, his air campaign was a miserable failure, to the point that he has the CIA management scrubbing his intel reports to hide how bad things are getting over there.

For years now, our foreign intelligence capabilities have degenerated under President Obama’s ‘leadership.’  At the same time, our domestic surveillance capabilities go far beyond anything ever seen in our history.  By using this refugee crisis to import ISIS terrorists into America, President Obama ensures that the NSA has the capability to keep tabs on each and every one of them, eavesdropping on their phone calls, reading their emails, etc. – something that we don’t have the capability to do if they stay in the Middle East.

Pretty clever, no?



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