San Bernardino Shooting – Initial Reactions

According to media reports, 14 people are dead, and 17 more injured in a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California – just a couple hours’ drive from where I am right now.

Calls for increased gun control began immediately.  It is now fashionable to call for tyranny when faced with tragedy, I guess.  Because we all know that criminals would never disobey the law, especially in a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.


Reports indicate that the gunmen may have been wearing body armor & masks, and it sounds like a hit-and-run style attack.  Makes it tough for the Left to try and argue that it’s another incident of “workplace violence.”  Sounds more like gangs or terrorists.

The LA Times is now reporting that the one of the shooters may have been an employee with the organization that was holding their Christmas party there.  Details are sparse, but apparently they’re saying he may have left the party after an argument, and then come back with buddies & shot the place up.  Again, either a gang member, or Islamic extremist would explain this type of behavior.  Normal people don’t react this way.

Some reports have also indicated that the suspects/perpetrators may be Middle Eastern.  There’s a Muslim/Arabic name floating around, though authorities are saying they haven’t identified anyone as yet.

Leftist wackos on are now pointing fingers at conservatives who are praying for victims – because what they should really be doing is repealing the 2nd Amendment.

The trending hashtag on Twitter is misspelled – #SanBernadino.

ISIS is celebrating the shooting, and I’m sure they’ll be celebrating even more if the Left gets their way and puts even more restrictions on gun ownership in the U.S., as that only makes it easier for them to come here and kill us.

It’s interesting how, anytime it looks like any type of crime was perpetrated by a Muslim, we are told to reserve judgement and wait for more evidence, yet when a wacko shot at a Planned Parenthood clinic, it was immediately blamed on the GOP…and any shooting is automatically the NRA’s fault because they have the audacity to stand up for the Constitution.

Some early reports (from MSNBC and at least one other left-wing site that I’ve seen) felt it necessary to reference the fact that there’s a Planned Parenthood facility in the general vicinity…over a mile away, as it turns out.  Already, they were trying to shift the narrative.

Everyone seems to agree that we don’t want mass shootings to become the “new normal.”  Many of us don’t want tyranny to become the new normal, either.  We know that this kind of thing didn’t happen back when we were a God-fearing nation.  How about we try that?


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