Immigration Bloviation

The United States government has restricted immigration based on many different factors for as long as we’ve had immigration laws.  This is something all nations do.  The notion that we must accept everyone is very recent, and it’s also very dumb.  We are already in the process of losing our national identity due to the federal government’s unwillingness to fix our immigration system, or even to enforce our existing immigration laws.

Listening to everyone – on both sides of the aisle – freak out over Donald Trump’s proposal of temporarily halting Muslim immigration is headache-inducing.  President Obama should have already announced a halt on new immigrants from the Middle East until we figure out what went wrong & led to a terrorist passing multiple background checks to enter our nation.  Instead, the establishment on both sides sees this as an opportunity to knock Trump down a peg, and and that, to them, is the more important issue.



Various comparisons have been made, to Japanese internment, to Hitler rounding up & gassing the Jews, to Joseph McCarthy going after Soviet sympathizers during the Cold War…but those parallels don’t make any sense.  Japanese internment was wrong, but Trump isn’t talking about rounding up Muslims & putting them into camps.  The same holds true for Nazi Germany – there is no parallel there.  And Joseph McCarthy was proven right, albeit far after the fact.  He also had no part in the House Un-American Activities Committee, which is what is always pointed to when “McCarthyism” is referenced.

Consider this:

  1. We know that the 9/11 hijackers came to the United States legally through our immigration system, 15 from Saudi Arabia, the others from Egypt, the UAE, and Lebanon.
  2. We know that the Tsarnaev brothers, who detonated bombs at the Boston Marathon in 2013, came to the United States legally through our immigration system (as refugees), and were allowed to stay, despite warnings from the Russian government that they had ties to radical Islam.
  3. We know that Tashfeen Malik came to the United States legally through our immigration system.  She passed multiple background checks in the process, and then went on to plan and execute a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, along with her husband.

We know that our immigration system is broken.  For several years now, politicians have debated how we should fix it, but they always get hung up on “comprehensive” immigration reform, because while there are 998 little details that everyone could agree on and fix, they will never agree on those two big issues (amnesty & border security).

But why should we hold up the entire process of immigration reform because of those two issues?

As several conservatives have derived great pleasure from pointing out, Jimmy Carter halted immigration from Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis.  This would be no different.  We know that terrorists have entered our nation.  We can only assume that they did so both legally and illegally.  We have no idea how many terrorists may be out there posing as “moderate” Muslims (the Tsarnaev family lived in Massachusetts for 10 years before the brothers committed their attack).

If we know that these problems exist, and are putting American lives at risk, then does it not make sense to shut the system down until it is fixed?  What’s so evil about that?


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