If Mohammed Was Santa

From Osama’s Christmas album:



If Mohammed was Santa
He’d fly ’round Christmas night
Raiding all the houses
Killing infidels on sight.

The good Christian girls
And the good Christian boys
Rounded up for the slave pens,
The elves steal all their toys.


And if you were bad this year,
Something special, it’s true!
A sword to the neck;
It’s beheading for you.

Omar gets a prayer rug,
Ahmed gets a Koran,
Khalifa gets a stoning;
She spoke to the wrong man.

And for the best Muslim children
There’s a special treat.
A suicide vest!
Martyrdom can’t be beat.

Little Suzie’s a child bride.
Johnny just lost a hand.
They lit Timmy on fire
For their jihad video plan.

And the Prophet exclaimed
As he rode out of sight,
“Allahu Akbar to all
Now convert or die!”


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