No, Cruz Did Not Support Amnesty!

It’s rather ironic that Marco Rubio, one of several who swept into the Senate in 2010’s massive Tea Party wave, is fast becoming the GOP RINO establishment’s Golden Boy, as Jeb Bush’s campaign continues to flounder on life support.

A lot of conservatives have been taken in by Rubio, myself included – it’s great seeing young conservatives in office, especially when they’re willing to fight for conservative values (not like the aging political class we’ve all come to despise).

But Rubio betrayed conservatives when he joined the Gang of Eight, rushing full bore into the cause of amnesty.


And so, in another stroke of irony, Rubio is now accusing Ted Cruz of having supported amnesty, and the pro-establishment media has jumped on board, coming after Cruz for actions he took to stop the Gang of Eight.

Despite his long record of opposing amnesty, Cruz is getting a lot of heat in the blogosphere about this, but while it wasn’t his most eloquent moment, Cruz is in the right.

At the time, the Gang of Eight Republicans and their supporters were insisting that they did not want a path to citizenship…even though one was included in their bill.  There were lies flying around left and right about what the bill would and wouldn’t do, but true conservatives knew that the Gang of Eight needed to be stopped.

As part of that effort, Ted Cruz introduced amendments to the Gang of Eight bill, one of which included provisions for legalization without citizenship.  But what the ignorant are taking as an endorsement of amnesty was, in reality, a political maneuver to stop the Gang of Eight.

Citizenship for illegal aliens is one of the Democrats’ primary goals, specifically because surveys show that illegal aliens will vote for Democrats.  By introducing an amendment that takes citizenship off of the table, Cruz would give Republicans in the Gang of Eight something that they claimed to want, while drying up Democrat support, and possibly breaking up the Gang altogether.  For Republicans, this wasn’t a “poison pill,” because it gave them something that they claimed to support – and in that context Cruz was right when he said as much.  But for the bill overall, it would likely be a deal-breaker, as Democrats would be less likely to lend their support to a bill that didn’t include citizenship.

In short, Cruz pulled the kind of slimy political maneuver that the establishment typically uses to screw over the American people – but Cruz used his maneuver to screw over the establishment.


While his critics are using this to smear Cruz, saying that he’s just another lying politician, those who know Ted Cruz’s history know that this isn’t the kind of politicking he normally engages in – and it was because of Rubio’s betrayal that Cruz had to engage in this kind of politics.

It’s telling that staunch anti-amnesty senators like Jeff Sessions gave Cruz their backing.  They knew what was going on, but now the establishment and their shills at FOX News are trying to re-write history.




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