Ryan Rips Us Off

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

1451230779It’s become a pattern: right before Christmas, no which political party happens to be running things, the American people get a gift from Congress: a big, fat spending bill that guarantees to continue the waste and corruption we have all come to know and love.

Last year, when they used a similarly manufactured crisis to pass a similarly massive, bloated CROmnibus, we were told not to worry – Republicans would be fighting for us in 2015. And we all saw how that turned out. Their biggest push, to use the Homeland Security funding bill to deny funding for President Obama’s executive amnesty, was a smashing success for about 2.4 seconds, at which point the Democrats called their bluff. They held out just long enough to come up with a good excuse: they would leave it to the courts, where a judge had just put the president’s program on hold. You know, the same court system that declared this year that Obamacare’s tax wasn’t a tax, and that the federal government could set racial quotas in neighborhoods. The courts are unreliable at best, and thanks to Republicans in Congress, we’re one judicial activist away from unconstitutional executive amnesty.

This year, it was an especially bitter betrayal for conservatives who, after putting much time and effort into the push to oust former Speaker John Boehner, were given the Boehner treatment by the new Speaker, Congressman Paul Ryan. Ryan was Boehner’s hand-picked choice, albeit his second choice after Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who also gave his vote and full-throated endorsement of yet another wasteful CROmnibus bill.

While Republicans give their base a giant, hairy-knuckled middle finger yet again, they are trying to save face by offering a variety of excuses.

Continue reading here.


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