What’s More Important?

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump called Ted Cruz a “maniac,” alleging that Cruz is unqualified to be president because he had the audacity to call out Mitch McConnell on the floor of the Senate because McConnell had lied to Senate Republicans.

Now Rand Paul is jumping on the bandwagon, accusing Ted Cruz of name-calling, seemingly trying to make it sound like Cruz is out there being inflammatory rather than making the case for constitutional conservatism.

He also mentioned that ‘name-calling from the Senate floor “does not meet the rules of the Senate.”’


This ticks me off more than a little bit, especially coming from Rand Paul, my second-favorite presidential candidate (after Ted Cruz), and here’s why:

Mitch McConnell lied.

He got up in front of the Senate Republican caucus, and he told bald-faced lies to every Republican in the Senate.  But the issue is not that the Senate Majority Leader lied to every senator in his own party, but that he was publicly called out for his lies on the Senate floor?

To hear Donald Trump and Rand Paul tell the story, one would think that Ted Cruz had hysterically rushed the mic, pointed at McConnell, and shouted out “THAT MAN IS A LIAR!!!”

But what actually happened is Ted Cruz laid out his case, first recounting what every Republican in the Senate had heard McConnell say, and then recounting what happened after that, detailing exactly how McConnell had lied, and why that is unacceptable.  Unfortunately, in modern Washington political circles, calling out another politician for his lies – especially the Majority Leader – is more of an offense than telling the lies in the first place.

And here’s the thing: while Cruz has been criticized for alleging that McConnell lied, no one is saying that McConnell didn’t lie.  In other words, Mitch McConnell is a liar, but it’s unacceptable for anyone to say that he’s a liar.

Ted Cruz should be applauded for what he did.  If calling politicians out for their lies on the floor of the Senate is a violation of Senate rules, then it’s time for Senate rules to be changed.

Many Americans are just as sick of the buddy-buddy politics of Washington insiders as we are of politicians who lie through their teeth.  Maybe, just maybe if the establishment scumbags knew that they might be publicly called out for their lies, it would bring some honesty back to Washington.


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