What I Expect Tonight

Another year, another State of the Union…though this year the annual Pageant of Washington Royalty (as I like to call it) is being foisted on us quite a bit earlier in the year than usual.  Glenn Beck is predicting that the president is setting it up so that he can steal the next president’s thunder by giving another State of the Union next year, and while that thought hadn’t occurred to me, I wouldn’t find it surprising.  After all, Obama’s presidency has been all about government of Obama, by Obama, and for Obama.  He tends to get butt-hurt when he isn’t the center of attention, and this would be a perfect way for him to generate headlines and get in some well-publicized finger-wagging about how he feels the next president should do things.

But tonight, we can already pretty well guess how President Obama’s speech will shake out.


First, there will be a lot of spiking the football.

  • He will brag on how great our economy is supposedly doing – after all, the Obama administration has worked very hard to fudge those numbers.
  • He’ll likely brag on the jobs numbers, conveniently leaving out the labor participation rate, which continues to be a huge unaddressed issue.
  • He’ll brag about how great Obamacare is doing, and how many people have signed up (it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you coerce people).
  • He may have the audacity to brag about his “historic” agreement with Iran (which Iran has yet to agree to).
  • He’ll brag about the recent climate change agreement engineered to cripple Western economies and set up global wealth redistribution.

And either after the bragging is over, or interspersed with the brags, he will list all of the ways he wants Congress to kill the American economy and make our nation less safe.


The White House has announced that one of the seats next to First Lady Michelle Obama will be empty, ostensibly to honor victims of “gun violence.”  The president will likely spike the football on his recent unconstitutional executive orders, before calling on Congress to pass the Democrats’ proposed assault weapons ban, among other likely proposed violations of the 2nd Amendment.  All of this will undoubtedly be bolstered by more lies about how easy it is to purchase guns in America, and how pretty much anyone can get an Abrams tank or a flamethrower on Craigslist with no background check.  What you won’t see: Michelle really just wanted to be able to put her feet up in that empty chair when the cameras aren’t looking.

They have also announced that another seat in the First Lady’s box will be occupied by a refugee from Syria.  Since he/she will be at the State of the Union, you can bet that this one refugee will be vetted properly, unlike the rest of the refugees President Obama wants to bring into the U.S.  He’ll chide all of us conservatives for being so hateful toward these poor, put-upon people, and urge Congress to allow each and every one of them into the U.S.  This, after all, is what the Left is good at, and how they push their arguments nearly every time – find one person who is the exception to the rule, and use that person’s story to paint a massive, false generality about the rest of the group.  What you won’t hear: Anything about the recent arrest of Muslim refugees in California and Texas on terrorism charges or how Muslim immigrants & refugees are wreaking havoc across Europe.

If they could, I’m sure they would have a third chair reserved for a polar bear, so that President Obama would have a prop to point to when he pushes his global warming agenda.

And if he addresses foreign policy at all, it will be all about what haters we all are for speaking ill of Islamic terrorists (who totally aren’t Islamic, btw), and how we should reach out and hug all of the terrorists and dictators and can’t we all just get along?

In short, the partisan hack will give a partisan speech telling us all why we’re evil and how Congress should rubber-stamp his socialist agenda so we can have sunshine and lollipops again.  His agenda will be supported with lies, innuendo, and strawmen, and in the end it will have been a massive waste of time for everyone who tunes in.

The only plus side: this year, we won’t be subjected to John Boehner’s ugly mug looking out over the president’s shoulder.



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