Thoughts On The Debate I Didn’t Watch

After the last Fox Business debate (which was the only debate up to that point that was worth watching), I decided that I was through with GOP primary debates.  Going in, I knew that I wouldn’t be watching the one tonight.

But, political junkie that I am, I caught about ten minutes on the radio on the way home from work.

In the little bit that I did catch, Donald Trump was going after Ted Cruz with the same old birther crap that has been well and thoroughly debunked, but that he won’t let go of because he knows that Ted Cruz is the most serious opponent he faces in this primary election.

The issue is idiotic, and Donald Trump’s insistence (and that of his followers) is no less so. He always brings up the issue by adamantly denying that he’s bringing up the issue.

“I’m not saying that Ted Cruz is really Satan, MSNBC brought that up…but I think Ted Cruz might want to get a statement from the Pope declaring that he isn’t the devil incarnate. I’m not the one saying that, there are very respected pundits who are saying that.”

This is a cheap politician’s trick, and it’s very transparent each and every time Donald Trump uses it.

Trump’s warnings of the danger of a lawsuit ring hollow as well. Presidents get sued all of the time; it doesn’t stop them from doing the job of being President…and since the law is very clear in regards to Ted Cruz’s status as a Natural Born Citizen, the chances that any lawsuit would go anywhere is precisely nil.

Don’t forget, while Donald Trump was building golf courses, Ted Cruz was building a brilliant legal resume. He has defended Americans’ Constitutional rights not only in the Senate, but before the Supreme Court. Trump may have business savvy, a loud & obnoxious personality, lots of money, but Ted Cruz has five times the intelligence, and a long record of standing for conservative principles.

In the end, Donald Trump made himself look like a petty fool (which is what he is). If Trump actually accomplished anything with his birther tirade, it was to make Marco Rubio look good, when he stepped in to point out that there are actually substantive issues that should be addressed (which might have really amounted to something, but it seemed that the moderators were more interested in turning the candidates against each other, and Chris Christie wasted no time in cleaning Rubio’s clock).

Let’s face it: While Donald Trump was nice to have around for a while, since he opened up the primary to topics that otherwise would have gone unaddressed, he has outlived his usefulness. Trump is popular because he insists on being the loudest voice in the room, but volume does not make a good President. Any buffoon can go around blathering about, saying the first thing that pops in his head, and a popular buffoon like Trump will even be treated to a media echo chamber that will make his blathering the headline of the day…but standing on that debate stage, Donald Trump is the Kim Kardashian of the GOP primary. He may be popular, but it’s not because he’s smart.


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    • As I said, he has business sense. But when it comes to policy, he’s far from being the smartest guy in the room. He’s very good at making grand pronouncements, but every time he’s pressed on how he would implement those policies, he can’t come up with an answer.

      • I would say read his book; he maintains his bravado yet is able to elaborate on everything. On Immigration, the economy, trade, education, health, gun rights, energy, foreign policy, taxation, it’s all there! And it makes a hell of a lot of sense

      • Maybe his book does make a lot of sense, but that begs two questions imo: who ghost-wrote it for him, and how is the fact that each and every one of his political positions seems to have changed right before he announced his run for president not just blatant political opportunism? Trump has a long history of being a liberal/progressive, and not much of a record of standing for conservatism, so why should anyone trust him to remain conservative once he’s been elected?

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