Calm The Hell Down

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

and_image_1439973668The story behind the GOP primary is anger. The polls, the pundits, and the voters seem to be in agreement: people are angry, and that anger is translating into votes. Donald Trump is intent on riding that wave of anger all the way to the White House, and thus far, he has managed to successfully channel anger into a few early primary wins that have many wondering if Trump’s nomination is an inevitability.

It isn’t, of course – as I write this, Super Tuesday is still a couple of days away, and only a fraction of the delegates have been allocated. But choosing the right candidate is extremely important for the GOP to have any prayer of winning the general election.


The biggest drawback to Donald Trump’s candidacy is that he pretends to be pseudo-conservative, yet whenever he is pressed for details on his policy positions, he is outed as the New York progressive that he is.

His biggest distinction from the Democrats is his tough stance on immigration, yet his proposed plan includes touchback amnesty…and it is widely agreed that any kind of amnesty would spell the end of Republicans’ chances in national elections.

Continue reading here.


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