The Conservative Option

Let’s face it: this election season has been insane.  If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of it all.  Every time I hear Clinton or Trump, I have an overwhelming desire to live in a sensory deprivation chamber for the next several months, so I can skip all of the BS and the name-calling, and just come out fresh in November and move on with my life.

That’s also why I haven’t written here in about a month now – between the presidential race and the President’s mixed-gender bathroom edict, I’ve been trying to distract myself just to keep my head from exploding.

I’ve made it very clear that I won’t be voting for Donald Trump just because he’s running on the Republican ticket.  I also refuse to believe in the false dichotomy presented by the proponents of the two big political parties, that there are only two choices out there.

For conservatives like me, finding an alternative to support is kind of tough.  The Constitution Party is struggling to get on the ballot nationwide.  The Libertarian Party sounds good, but can be a little crazy at times.

But this year, there is a Libertarian that conservatives should be able to get behind.  Austin Petersen is running for the Libertarian nomination, and if he wins that nomination, he could really shake things up in the presidential race.

  • He believes in shrinking the size of government.
  • He believes in simplifying the tax code & lowering taxes.
  • He believes in religious freedom.
  • He believes in the Constitution.
  • He is pro-life.
  • He believes in freedom for each and every American.

I don’t agree with Austin Petersen on every issue, but I agree with him on most of the important issues.  He’s young, he’s all over social media (and not in an insane way like The Donald’s infamous Trumpertantrums), and he can articulate conservatism in a clear, sane way that has been missing from this election cycle after Ted Cruz debated Code Pink and convinced an Iowa corn farmer that we need to phase out subsidies.


Now, I don’t know how far Austin Petersen could get in the general election.  The masses seem to be pretty tied to their Rs and their Ds, and the conservatives (or populists that have been masquerading as conservatives until Trump came along) seem to either be fixated on clinging to the sinking Republican ship, or just poking Dems in the eye by electing the most offensive candidate possible.

But Petersen brings a refreshingly honest, forthright, and energetic vibe to the campaign that you don’t get from many Rs or Ds, and that is why I think he would make a great Libertarian nominee – especially in the current political climate, when it looks like the Libertarian candidate could end up in the national debates.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the two corrupt, lying New York liberals currently assumed to be the Big 2 parties’ nominees, I highly encourage you to check Austin Petersen out.

If we’re going to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,” we need to rally behind a candidate that actually believes in liberty.

Austin Petersen is that candidate.


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