Just Give It Up, Bill

The news was all over the blogosphere yesterday: OMG! Bill Kristol might have a pick for POTUS!

To quote our current incompetent-in-chief:

Let me be clear.

bill-kristols-quotes-5I don’t care who Bill Kristol picks for his thus-far theoretical third-party run for President.  Kristol’s efforts were doomed to fail before they ever started, and all he will do is introduce a spoiler to hand the election over to Hillary Clinton.

Now, this may confuse some of you that cling to the false dichotomy of “a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hillary.”  Let’s address this with an eye for what’s real.

After Saturday’s joke of a convention, I was rather disappointed as I watched the Libertarian Party select Gary Johnson as their nominee.  But despite my disappointment, I will likely vote for Johnson in November.  While I disagree with him on several issues that are important to me, I refuse to support the Republican Party if Donald Trump is their nominee.

And when it comes to third-party candidates, while I don’t think Johnson has a chance to win, he is the only third-party candidate that has any chance in the general election.  Why?  Because at this point, he’s the only third-party candidate who will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

Bill Kristol’s list of prospective candidates for his as-yet theoretical third-party nominee have been a who’s-who of RINO left-leaning Republicans that were (rightly) rejected by conservatives.  Like much of the rest of the nation, Kristol isn’t looking for a conservative alternative to Donald Trump, he’s looking for another RINO, just like the last two RINOs that encountered horrifically disappointing losses to ultra-leftist Barack Obama (especially the second time, when it should have been a landslide).

We’re constantly being told that conservatives can’t win, and over and over again, the Republican (and even the Libertarian) party rejects conservatives in favor of slightly left-of-center moderates whom no voters in their right mind can possibly get excited about, making the GOP into the Democrat Party of the 80s and/or 90s.  In the end, it isn’t a question of big government vs. small government, it’s just a question of varying degrees of socialism.

Let me be totally clear here: I don’t know a whole lot about Bill Kristol’s latest pick, other than he doesn’t have a prayer in the general election.  At this point, I don’t really give a flying crap who Kristol has chosen.  Bill Kristol should have given up before Mitt Romney said no.  At this point, starting a third-party to run a RINO is just an exercise in futility that no one needs or has time for.  He can’t even get a candidate on the ballot in every state!  That is a recipe not just for failure, but to make him and his third party into nothing more than a punch line.

Just give it up, Bill.  There’s nothing left in this election but corruptocrats and authoritarians (or combinations of the two).  While running another candidate may be nice fodder for headlines, it will not be a productive endeavor in any way, shape, matter, or form.  Just give it up.


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