All Talk, No Rights

The big news on Monday was that four “common-sense” gun control measures died in the Senate.

But the latest news is how the Senate voted on those measures.

h/t The Daily Signal


The Feinstein Amendment

Coming from Dianne Feinstein, you know this one is going to be good.  This amendment would grant authority to the Attorney General to deny gun purchases to people on the Terrorist Watch List, basically placing all authority over gun purchases in the hands of the Executive Branch.  They add you to a secret list, where it is assumed that they have some kind of evidence against you, but no proof is ever required.  You get no day in court, no due process, no trial by a jury of your peers.  You are judged guilty unilaterally by the Attorney General – a post which, under President Obama’s leadership, has become a political position more than one of law enforcement.

The measure failed 47-53, along party lines.

Republicans take note: Senators Ayotte of New Hampshire and Kirk of Illinois voted to hand totalitarian control over 2nd Amendment rights to the Executive Branch.

One Democrat voted against.

UPDATE: I came across this video of Dianne Feinstein blatantly stating that if she gets her way, Americans will be assumed guilty until they “prove that you’re innocent.”


The Cornyn Amendment

This is a revision of the Feinstein amendment, inserting a little bit of due process into the mix, rather than giving the Justice Department totalitarian power over Americans’ gun rights.  Under this amendment, the Justice Department would be notified if someone on the Terror Watch List tried to purchase a firearm, and would then have to petition the court to block the sale.  The person accused of terrorism or terrorist ties would be notified of the hearing, and would be able to face his (or her) accusers in court.

This accomplishes what the Democrats have been saying they want – stopping people on the Terror Watch List from being able to buy guns, without completely trampling Constitutional provisions like Due Process.

And that’s the thing that’s very extremely important to note: the only substantive difference between the Cornyn Amendment and the Feinstein Amendment is that the Republican amendment provided for Due Process.

The measure failed 53-47, along party lines…though this time, Republicans voted for, and Democrats against.


The other two were a bit tougher to follow in the Senate records, but there was a Republican proposal to increase funding for the background check system, and a Democrat proposal for ‘universal’ background checks.


But when it comes to Democrats’ accusations – such as Elizabeth Warren claiming that Republicans chose to “sell weapons to ISIS,” the proof is in: they are just grandstanding.

Now, I don’t know whether the Democrats rejected the Cornyn Amendment because tyranny is just that important to them, or if it was because voting that amendment into law would have taken the issue off of the table during an election year, but one thing is clear: Democrats don’t care about your rights.


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