High Ideals and Dumb Politics

Ted Cruz gave a speech tonight about the importance of standing up for freedom and the Constitution. It was about believing in and advocating for the values that the Republican Party used to be all about. It was about rejecting the establishment and standing up for the American People.  It was about putting Freedom, Liberty, and the Constitution ahead of the cult of personality.

It was a message that has been noticeably absent from the Republican convention thus far, as speech after speech has either attacked Hillary Clinton or talked about what a great guy Donald Trump is.  The hero worship has reached disgusting levels.  Aren’t we supposed to be the ones who aren’t always looking to government officials & politicians to save us?

Cruz’s speech was a message the Republican Party desperately needs to hear, but it’s a message that too many will ignore.


Because Ted Cruz didn’t explicitly endorse Donald Trump…because he urged people to get to the polls and vote their conscience up and down the ticket – an important message in an election season where a divisive candidate could very well squelch voter turnout & lose not only the presidency, but the House and the Senate for Republicans – the positive message of his speech has already been lost in a swarm of dumb politics.

During the campaign, Trump dragged Cruz’s name through the mud. He lied about him on a daily basis, went after his wife, lied about his dad, had his buddy at the National Enquirer throw together a hit piece accusing him of multiple affairs. No reasonable person would put their name behind someone who had treated them that way, and it’s ridiculous for anyone to expect Cruz to jump on the Trump train for that reason.

If someone did that to you, would you endorse him for political office?  Most people would rather just punch him in the face.

The pledge was only brought into play because Trump threatened to run third-party if he didn’t win, and then Trump demanded that the party leadership give him a special deal, where he could only be held to the pledge as long as he was “treated fairly.” He then proceeded to build his campaign on lies and name-calling…basically, treating every other candidate in a manner that he would have used to weasel his way out of that same pledge, had those tactics been used against him.

And while he ran one of the most dishonest campaigns in modern history, Donald Trump kept the party elites in check by constantly threatening a third-party run because he felt that he was “treated unfairly.”


Just in the fact that he hasn’t spoken out against Trump, Cruz has given Trump much more than he owes him.  I have seen multiple interviews with Ted Cruz where the interviewer tried to goad Cruz into bad-mouthing Trump, but he never took the bait – something that I wouldn’t expect to happen if the roles were reversed.


But Ted Cruz has fulfilled his pledge.  He has supported the nominee.  He hasn’t mounted a third-party campaign – heck, he even congratulated Trump for winning the nomination!  Are we really getting into such a hubbub because he didn’t utter the phrase “I endorse and worship the Lord and Savior Donald J. Trump?”

And let’s not lose the irony in all of this that the political party that’s supposed to be all about decentralizing power is at this very moment tearing itself up over a loyalty oath that was foisted upon the candidates because the very man they now worship as their savior from the evil Hildabeast wouldn’t stop threatening to mount a third-party run that, had it become a reality, would literally have handed the election to her.

When it was announced that Ted Cruz would speak at the convention, it had been made abundantly clear that he would be speaking, but not endorsing Trump.  This was an agreement that was made between the two of them well before Cruz took the stage.  To act outraged and offended that Cruz refused to fulfill a pledge made meaningless by Trump’s own refusal to stand by it makes no sense.  Party officials even released the text of the speech to the media before Cruz took the stage, though they are now trying to claim that he went off-script.

The whole spectacle is ridiculous, and the backlash over Ted Cruz’s speech shows all the more that the actual message of that speech is one the Republican Party cannot ignore if they want to win an election ever again.

It’s just a shame that so many were so eager hear the word “endorse,” that they completely missed a vital message about freedom.


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