Move, Change, Or Delete – Hillary’s Email Cover-Up

An interesting story about Hillary’s continuing email scandal broke on Reddit this morning.

According to the screenshots on Reddit, Hillary’s IT guy, Paul Combetta – you know, the guy who refused to testify before Congress even AFTER the DOJ had granted him immunity…yeah, that guy.

Well, it looks like back in 2014, while Hillary’s emails were being investigated, he was posting on Reddit looking for advice on how to strip someone’s email address out of PST or MSG files…someone VERY VIP, according to the Reddit post.

You see, he posted under a username that led back to him – never a smart idea when you’re looking for advice on how to obstruct a Congressional investigation.  This was, after all, back when the Benghazi Committee was trying to get Hillary’s emails from the State Department.




Reddit removed the original thread, but you can see an archive of it here.

Basically, Combetta states that he has an Exchange (email) server, and a PST (email archive) file, and he wants to remove the email address of a certain “VERY VIP” individual from the To: and From: fields on the server and in the archive file.  This isn’t something that’s very easy to do, for the very obvious reason that, as one user notes in the thread, “having that functionality would create the ability to screw with discovery.”  Another user points out that “it could result in major legal issues.”

But when you’re engaging in a cover-up for the former Secretary of State to screw with discovery for emails that are being requested by a Congressional committee, I guess the potential legal issues are a goal more than a concern.

The Reddit thread doesn’t make it clear whether Combetta was able to scrub any addresses from the server or the PST file, but the fact that he later used software to scrub the server, preventing Congressional and DOJ investigators from getting their hands on evidence that hadn’t been turned over to the State Dept, it’s likely that he was unsuccessful, and became desperate.



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