Religion Becoming Irrelevant

My latest column is up at AND Society!

Here is an excerpt:


On April 8, 1966, the cover of Time Magazine asked, “Is God Dead?”

In the intervening 50 years since then, Western society seems intent on making the answer a resounding “YES!”

A 2015 survey by the Pew Research Centershowed that America is continuing a decline that has been ongoing for years: Americans are becoming less religious. The study shows that not only are the numbers of people who consider themselves religious on the decline, but the number of religious people involved in organized religion is on the decline, as well. This is not surprising.

Organized religion took quite a hit with the Catholic Church’s sex-abuse scandal, and the subsequent cover-ups. Add to this a culture that is intent on moving away from all traditional ideas about morality, and it should be no surprise that religion is losing its influence. Basic morality is losing its place in American society – this is evident in nearly every aspect of our culture: popular music, movies, television, and politics. One of the major tenants of Christianity is that “all have sinned,” but we want to be able to hold religious leaders to a higher standard.

In some of the most well-attended mega-churches in America, sermons are more on par with a motivational speech than an actual sermon. This appeals to a lot of people – going to church means getting some warm fuzzies. Sin becomes irrelevant to the religious experience…after all, no one likes being judged. But this makes religion watered down and inauthentic, and for a lot of people, especially Millennials, who are tired of this kind of inauthentic crap, it can turn them off of organized religion in general.

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