Trumpkins Attack!

I find it amusing how Trump’s followers continue to jump all over Megyn Kelly, in a grudge that started over a year ago with a less-than-fawning question at the first GOP Primary Debate.


I’m not a fan of Donald Trump or FOX News (I don’t watch cable news, except for a clip on YouTube every now and then), and I must say that it’s been fun to watch.

The latest in this ongoing grudge between the Trump-obsessed and Megyn Kelly has come with an appearance by Newt Gingrich, discussing Trump’s electoral chances.  According to Trump’s supporters, this was a MAJOR BURN! OMG!

Watch the video here:

According to Gingrich’s logic, Kelly has committed a cardinal sin by spending time covering negative news about Donald Trump, while apparently spending insufficient time (in Gingrich’s judgment) focusing on negative stories about Hillary.

This is how you have to be in order to support one of the major party candidates in this election.

Gingrich was right about one thing: there are two alternative universes in this election.

For Trump’s supporters (not those reluctantly voting for Trump to stop Hillary, but those who are really supporting him, like Gingrich), you have to put on some massive blinders to everything negative about Donald Trump, and then attack anyone and everyone who deigns to take seriously any of those negatives.  Any negative glance at Trump is considered an endorsement of Hillary, and no matter how many times you’ve pointed out Hillary’s negatives in the past, if you criticize The Donald in any way, shape, manner, or form, YOU’RE A HILLARY SUPPORTER AND A TRAITOR!

Likewise, Hillary’s supporters put on their own blinders, ignoring her long and distinguished career of failure and scandal…and if you point out the fact that she is a horrible human being only interested in money and power, who truly cares nothing for the American people beyond how she can use them to increase both for herself, YOU’RE A TRUMP SUPPORTER AND A TRAITOR!

And if you support anyone who isn’t Hillary or Trump (Heaven forbid!), you end up beset on both sides.

The argument from Gingrich, that Megyn Kelly is biased because she hasn’t sufficiently condemned Hillary, is intellectually dishonest and rather ridiculous.  I’ve seen this first-hand: to a Trump supporter, it doesn’t matter how often, in the past, you’ve pointed out how bad Hillary is.  ANY negative statement about Donald Trump must be IMMEDIATELY followed by a negative statement about Hillary Clinton.  What was said in the past doesn’t matter.  All that matters is the moment, and if you focus on anything bad about Donald Trump, then you’re just exposing your tacit support for Hillary.

This obviously isn’t the big burn that Trump’s supporters say it is.  Gingrich came on as a Trump supporter, and immediately got defensive when asked a tough question about the state of the election, and negative perceptions about Donald Trump, based on the Billy Bush video.  The only means Gingrich had at his disposal to turn the discussion away from bad news about Donald Trump was to start loudly & forcefully demanding that Kelly immediately say something negative about the Clintons.

Now, I’m only guessing here, but the only way that this makes sense to me is that it’s a convenient way to cleanse the palate, perpetuating the state of denial among Trump supporters that they chose a bad candidate…because AT LEAST HE ISN’T AS BAD AS HILLARY, YOU CUCK!

The entire argument is intellectually vacuous, yet this seems to be all that the Trump camp has to offer.

Another interesting case-in-point is this recent appearance by Ben Howe on Tomi Lahran’s show on The Blaze TV:

The entire exchange is fascinating to watch, but in my opinion, the gold comes toward the end:

HOWE: What do we get out of pretending that lines don’t exist that shouldn’t be crossed for our candidate?  Why do we have to support the candidate under any and all circumstances? Is there a line that he could cross that we might finally say is enough? 

Lahran: Well, absolutely, but I think for any line that he could have crossed, Hillary has already crossed!

So, in other words, what Tomi Laharan is saying here is that there is no line for Donald Trump.  You may as well re-phrase it as “Well, absolutely, but no, not at all!”  Any and all negative aspects of Trump’s behavior and personality shall be ignored, BECAUSE HILLARY!

She goes on a little later in the interview, after Howe points out that we can deduce how Donald Trump will govern based on his record, to say that “he really doesn’t have a record because he’s an outsider.”  This, bizarrely enough, is how it gets rationalized: Donald Trump’s years-long history of making public statements on political issues can all be ignored.  He has no ‘record,’ because he hasn’t been a politician voting on or signing laws…and if you do end up getting a Trump supporter to look at Trump’s record, you must immediately offer a counter-point proving that Hillary is worse, lest you be accused of trying to get a Clinton elected.


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