The Liberal Women’s March

Watching coverage of the “women’s march” this past weekend, I must say it was a fairly confusing cacophony of ridiculousness.

Pink “pussy hats” meant to represent female anatomy.

Insistence that it isn’t an anti-Trump march, yet a constant anti-Trump focus.

Denouncement of Trump’s so-called “locker room talk,” typically denounced in ways as bad or worse than what Trump said.

Proclamations that they are there to denounce hate, interspersed with such loving statements as “fuck you” aimed at the targets of their venom.

A hardly-coherent rant by Ashley Judd that sounded more like the ramblings of a crazy woman.



Many claimed that it wasn’t an anti-Trump march, though there wasn’t really a specific target for these marches other than Donald Trump.  I’ve never been a Trump supporter, and while I’m still very skeptical that Donald Trump’s agenda will “make America great again” to the extent that many think it will, the so-called message of ‘unity’ conveyed by these protests do little more than to push me to be glad that Donald Trump won the election – at least he isn’t likely to be cowed by this BS.

Hear that, feminists?  You’re creating more Trump supporters.

One other aspect of the Women’s March was the groups that were turned away.  You see, this Women’s March wasn’t to include all women, just those women with the pre-approved political worldview.  When pro-life women’s groups approached the event’s organizers, they were turned away.  They say they’re tolerant, but if you aren’t pro abortion, they won’t tolerate you.  They may have paid lip service to “love” and “unity,” but actions speak louder.


Yes, Madonna said the fantasized about blowing up the White House…but she said that she decided not to because “I know that this won’t change anything.”  She urged people to “choose love,” a statement that stood in stark contrast to the message of “fuck you” that she gave immediately preceding “choose love.”

She then went on to sing a song (I use terms like “sing” and “song” loosely here), wherein she urged Donald Trump to “suck a dick.”  So I think it’s pretty clear how sincere her calls for love and unity really were.

For me, this march raised more questions than it answered.

How are “fuck you” and “suck a dick” part of a message of love and unity?

How do things like pink “pussy hats,” vagina costumes, a seeming obsession with female genitalia, and purposeful offensiveness advance women’s rights?


How does the purposefully offensive vagina obsession do anything for love, unity, and women’s rights?  If you’re protesting Donald Trump’s offensiveness, how does trying to match or outdo his offensiveness further your cause?

You’re protesting because Donald Trump said something offensive…but how does trying to be even more offensive (and then denouncing anyone who finds your offensiveness offensive) do anything productive for your cause?

You protest because Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College, but how does it help the cause of women’s rights if the first female president is one of the most corrupt politicians (of either gender) in the nation?


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