They Will Not Unite Us

President Trump’s speech to both houses of Congress was pleasantly presidential.  While he did not compromise on his policy positions, he did deliver a message of unity.

As much as the speech was billed as *DEFINITELY NOT* a State of the Union speech, it had pretty much everything that modern presidents tend to shoehorn into the annual SOTU…but I guess, since he didn’t include the words “The state of the union is strong,” we can’t really call it a State of the Union speech, can we?  But it had all of the pomp and circumstance of Washington D.C.’s version of a Hollywood awards show (minus the last president’s totally cool PowerPoint slides of his selfie collection).


Most Democrats (the ones who didn’t skip out on the speech entirely) chose to sit through the entire speech.  As always happens at these speeches, the Ds and the Rs play their annual game of “Who’s Clap Is It Anyway?”  You know the game: depending on the party affiliation of the president delivering the speech, they’re either giving a standing ovation at every other word, or looking around the room with a deepening glare with the same frequency.  The whole event would last all of 20 minutes if not for the clapping.  Maybe we should’ve elected Jeb Bush, after all.


Many of the Democrat women coordinated their outfits, wearing white to give a stunning visual of their petulance.  Some even hissed at President Trump as he entered the room.  It was rather bizarre behavior for a bunch of snobbish adults who tend to hold themselves over and above the nation’s plebeian masses.

And they sat.

Typically, in a venue like this, at a speech like this, even the opposition party will concede just a little bit when the President throws out ideas that should have bipartisan support…things like stopping bigotry, fighting ISIS, or keeping terrorists out of the United States.  But most of the Democrats went even further than that – they didn’t even applaud for blatantly left-wing ideas like government-mandated paid maternity leave, or blowing billions of dollars on another stimulus bill.  And not only did they not acknowledge that President Trump had put forward a few proposals with which they agreed by applauding during the speech, they even refused to acknowledge them afterward.

They sat through Trump’s call to stop ISIS.

They must really want ISIS to win.

They sat through Trump’s call to stop terrorists from coming here.

They must truly relish the idea of more terrorist attacks within U.S. borders.

They sat through Trump’s call for an end to racism and bigotry.

They must really be fans of racism and bigotry.

They sat through Trump’s call for paid maternity leave.

They must really hate women.

They sat through Trump’s praise for the widow of a Navy SEAL.

They must have no compassion.

They sat when Trump called for an end to the cycle of violence.

They must want more violence in our inner cities.

They sat when Trump called for more support for veterans.

They must really hate veterans.

They sat when he called for national unity.

They must really hate unity.

But not to worry, the Democrat response really cleared things up.

No matter how many times you watch it, it will never really make sense.

This is the thing about the modern Democrat party: for years, they’ve talked about the need for compromise, but only when they aren’t the party in power.  When they’ve got the reins, well, you better stand back, because this train is a-rollin’ all the way to Moscow.  But if they ever lose an election, you’re a hateful, hurtful, evil human being if you refuse to give them everything that they want.

But you know what?  The people are sick of it.  For years, Democrats have worked to divide us.  They divide us by gender.  They divide us by skin color.  They divide us by socioeconomic status.  They divide us by gender preference.  They divide us by religion. They divide us by citizenship status – and to them, American citizens are second-class citizens.  The Democrat Party is the party of division.  While they get in people’s faces and yell “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US,” they continue to do everything they can to divide us.

And it’s not working in their favor.


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