Lessons Learned

When the federal government hands out money to states & cities, more often than not, that gesture is a means for the federal government to coerce states into complying with federal policies and laws. All too often, states & municipalities are more than willing to take the cash at first, because the gesture always seems benevolent at the time.  It’s only later that the truth comes out.


This is a tactic which politicians on both sides of the aisle have used throughout the years.  Democrats who run sanctuary cities just happen to have the distinction of being the current case-in-point, as they find themselves in the cross-hairs of the Trump Administration, which is threatening to pull all federal funds if they continue their refusal to enforce federal immigration laws.

law of the land

But while Democrats are learning a valuable lesson in the coercion that hides behind every instance of federal generosity, they are teaching The Donald an important lesson, as well:

Never stand between a Democrat and a government hand-out.

This is especially risky behavior for President Trump.

Pray for President Trump, as this has put him in a very precarious – and dare I say dangerous – situation.  By threatening to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities, not only does The Donald run the extremely frightening risk of being bad-mouthed in the media, but he also has to put up with the incessant whining of Democrat politicians who just can’t stand the thought of being deprived of their government cheese.

And that’s something I wouldn’t wish on anybody.


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