Something Happening Here

Stop, hey what’s that sound?

Everybody look what’s going down.

Death & Destruction

The images from Syria are horrifying. Men, women, children, all killed horribly by chemical weapons.


A father holds the bodies of his twin sons, who died from the gas.

It is truly hearbreaking to see the images of so many children, who appear to be sleeping, but in reality were killed by poisonous gas.



In the aftermath of the attack, the world is rushing to blame Bashar Al-Assad, the leader of Syria.

The problem is, that doesn’t make any sense.

Not that I think Assad is too good a person, or anything even approaching that; the man is human refuse, who has used chemical weapons on his own people in the past.  But while there have been many chemical weapons attacks in Syria over the course of this years-long war, there hasn’t been much in the way of evidence that Assad dropped chemical weapons on these people.  With the help of Russia, the Assad regime has been winning their war. The peace process was just beginning to get some momentum. For Assad to start gassing his own people now would just be foolhardy.

Ron Paul has alleged that the chemical attack was some kind of “false flag,” which the war-mongering neocons are now using to draw us into yet another war. I wouldn’t go that far, but regardless, one thing is for certain: we don’t need a war in Syria right now, especially not when we’re being drawn in on the side that opposes Russia and her ally. That’s just bad news all around, and could just end up drawing us into an all-out World War.

Let’s hope that President Trump will take things slow and let the evidence come in before he makes any big decisions…not that that’s bloody likely, as we’ve already launched missiles at a Syrian base.

But regardless of any actions the politicians may take, one thing is for certain: we must pray for the Syrian people, and for our own nation. We don’t need more war.


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