The Science Agenda

On the heels of the so-called “March for Science,” Bill Nye released his new show on Netflix, humbly titled Bill Nye Saves The World.


Rejected title idea: “Bill Nye Strokes His Ego”

Right-wing media has been going berserk, almost enough to get me to dive in & watch this shit-show for myself…though the tidbits that have emerged on YouTube have been more than enough to satiate my masochistic tendencies.

I watched Bill Nye the Science Guy as a kid; it was a really good show. But what Nye is doing these days can hardly be called science.

A lot of conservative pundits & commentators have ripped Nye for “not even being a scientist,” because he has a degree in engineering…so let me be clear from the start: I really don’t care what his degree is in. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand at least some part of how rockets work. You don’t have to be a literal scientist to understand a lot of scientific concepts. The reason why what Nye is doing isn’t science has nothing to do with his educational background, it has everything to do with his agenda.

Bill Nye is a left-wing big-government statist nut-job, and the views that he calls “science” are conveniently tailored to fit his Progressive worldview.

While I haven’t yet seen his new show, I have seen various appearances by Mr. Nye on various cable news shows, where he recites global warming alarmist talking points virtually ad nauseum. And whenever anyone refutes those talking points, they get written off as illegitimate simply for disagreeing. Unlike real science, evidence that doesn’t fit the narrative is not tolerated. Nye continues to trot out the “97% of scientists” statistic, though that statistic has always been dubious.

Shouting down skeptics is not a function of science, it is a function of politics. Science is about testing hypotheses over and over, trying to disprove them…and if you look at “climate science,” such as it is, it makes sense to wonder just how ‘scientific’ it actually is. Over the years of panic – first over “global cooling” back in the 1970s, then over “global warming” when the cooling thing never really panned out, and today over “global climate change,” which functions as a more convenient catch-all, innumerable “scientific” predictions have failed utterly. It’s gotten so bad that ‘climate change’ researchers have been caught fudging data – multiple times – to make it seem like warming is happening, even though it hasn’t been.

But for Science Guy Nye, climate change is just the starting point…and this is where it gets really interesting. While on Bill Nye The Science Guy, Nye explained the actual, scientific definition of gender – determined by chromosomes, XX = girl, XY = boy. But on Bill Nye Saves The World, this has all changed. Apparently, Mr. Nye is saving the world from his own former hate speech, as he explains that “gender is a spectrum.”

Complete with song & dance routine.


Or sexuality should be “anything goes,” because…ice cream?


You can’t make this shit up…and why would you?

And if you disagree, well, you aren’t ‘enlightened and forward-thinking,’ you fascist troglodyte.

Bill Nye used to have a great science-oriented show that informed a lot of kids about science-y things. But these days, Bill Nye is not into science, he’s into left-wing political advocacy masquerading as science. And the thing that should really concern freedom-loving Americans is that Nye’s solution to every problem is more government.

Don’t want to toe the line on climate change? Maybe you should be locked up.

Want to have more than ‘your share’ of kids? Look forward to government penalties.

Maybe we should just skip the foreplay and go straight to a China-esque 1-child policy, eh, Bill?

Maybe they should have just called his show Bill Nye, The Statist Guy.



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