The Little Party That Cried “Wolf!”

In the past 118 days since Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States, we have seen so many scandals and Constitutional crises, it’s damn near impossible to keep them all straight. It seems that EVERYTHING is a scandal in the Trump administration, from how the President eats his steak, to how much ice cream he gets at a sitting, to alleged collusion with Russia to ‘hack’ the November election, to alleged obstruction of justice by trying to get former FBI Director James Comey to back off of the investigation into Mike Flynn.

As President Trump made his appointments for cabinet positions, almost every person named was immediately decried as a horrible person, whose presence at the helm of a department of the federal bureaucracy would bring apocalyptic doom and gloom, complete with weeping & gnashing of teeth.


From the laughably trivial to the seemingly significant, Democrats and their media allies, by overdoing their opposition President Trump on every little thing, have so undermined their own credibility that every time some new allegation surfaces, it seems more likely to merit an eye-roll than serious consideration. Even with the Comey memo, which has the greatest potential so far (if it actually exists) to damage Trump’s presidency, there are still so many questions as to the validity of the claims being made that reasonable people can’t come to any firm conclusions. None of the politicos and so-called “journalists” making hay over this memo have actually seen the document; we just have to rely on the word of the ultra-biased New York Times that they really spoke with someone at the FBI, who read a real memo that really came from James Comey.

And even if the Comey memo is real (reports are coming out today that it is), it really only leads to more questions…or, at least, one really big question:

  • If President Trump pressured Comey to back off from the investigation, as the memo allegedly states, why did Comey testify under oath that President Trump hadn’t pressured him to end any investigations?

This basically amounts to, “Was he lying then, or is he lying now?” Comey supposedly had a reputation of being very studious about taking notes, but lying to Congress under oath isn’t quite what one would expect from the FBI director. But, Comey’s reputation isn’t quite as spotless as some would lead us to believe.

But regardless of the Comey memo, President Trump seems to be fast becoming his own worst enemy. The way he fired Director Comey – leaking it to the press while Comey was giving a speech in L.A., rather than addressing it with him directly, or at least making sure Comey received word before the media did – reeked of either incompetence or vindictiveness, neither of which are positive qualities for a president. His bungling of the messaging about the timing of the firing – directly contradicting his administration’s spokespeople who had already made multiple media appearances – went even further to make his administration look bad. His meeting with the Russian ambassador, and exclusion of the American media from the meeting, brought even more vindictiveness into the mix. And while it was a bit satisfying to see him shove this meeting in the faces of his critics, the stunt ended up backfiring rather spectacularly.


The Obama administration was steeped in scandal; Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Lisa Jackson, Bryan Pagliano, Eric Holder1, Huma Abedin, Cheryl MillsElijah Cummings, John Podesta, and Hillary Clinton1 all committed felonies, but their actions were swept under the rug by a friendly news media, while the Justice Department looked the other way (or, in several cases, was complicit in crimes and/or subsequent cover-ups). Yet today, many of these same people, in the height of hypocrisy, are calling for investigations and impeachment.

The announcement yesterday that the Attorney General’s office has appointed a special counsel to investigate the supposed Trump/Russia ties is creating some waves, but this is a good thing. The longer this goes on, the more the Democrats will play their obstructionist games…and even if the special counsel finds nothing linking President Trump and Russia in terms of the election, the Democrats won’t be giving up…but, at the least, we need to move on from the dumb speculation and baseless accusations, and start dealing in real facts.

All we have right now is a witch-hunt driven by partisan suspicions, rumors, and speculation. The sooner we can get to the truth, the better. Hopefully, this special counsel will do that. But regardless, I fear that we’re in for a solid 4 years (at least!) of Democrats crying “wolf.”

1 Crimes perpetrated by Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton are numerous and well-documented, both on this site and elsewhere, so I’m not going to bother linking to anything.


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