Trump Pulls Out

And no, this isn’t some kind of sex joke…get your mind out of the gutter, you filthy animal.
Last week, President Trump announced that the U.S. would be pulling out of the Paris Climate Change agreement…and to say that the Left was apoplectic is an insult to apoplexy.
If the data on climate change were reliable, and the Paris Agreement actually pushed for emissions reductions across-the-board (it does nothing to restrict horrible polluters like China), then there might be something there…but while America has done a lot over the last several decades to reduce pollution, other nations, like China and India, have done very little. And even so, these global climate agreements are largely aimed at America. At hurting our economy. They are endorsed by other nations (in part) because those nations want to take the US down a peg…and they know that if they couch it in terms of protecting the environment, plenty of people here in the U.S. will be on board with it. It really has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with global politics.
But when it comes to actual climate change, our planet saw more climate change before humanity even existed than it has since the Industrial Revolution. There was more climate change back when man was sitting in caves learning how to create fire than there has been since man was building factories and modern industry. That alone should tell you that the alarmism is overblown, and that we really know very little about how and why our planet’s climate changes…because it happens naturally, and we don’t really know how much of today’s climate changes might be man-made vs. natural.
Climate science, for the most part, has been geared toward using alarmism to advance a political agenda. We absolutely need to take care of our planet and minimize pollution, but we could turn off every car and every power plant in the United States starting tomorrow, and it would hardly make a dent when you look at things on a global scale. Heck, the emissions from one volcanic eruption can completely wipe out any progress that we’ve made thus far, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about that.
But when power’s on the line, anything goes.
Then, throw in the fact that the Obama administration went to great lengths to subvert the Constitution’s rules on treaties with this agreement…it was even called an “climate agreement” instead of a “climate treaty” as a way to avoid having to send it to the Senate for ratification. Had they done everything above-board, Trump wouldn’t have been able to unilaterally declare that the U.S. was pulling out of the agreement…but since the Senate was controlled by Republicans at the time, they chose shenanigans instead. And since they decided to use shenanigans to try and sneak it in, they set up this very scenario, where the next president can just say “Nope, we ain’t doing that.” Turns out there’s something to be said for Constitutional checks and balances, after all.

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