Reality TV At Its Best

In the latest episode of The Trump Show, James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

I was able to catch a little bit of the hearing, and am trying to catch up with the highlights. From what I hear, Senator Rubio’s questioning was worth watching.

While the pundits on either side are touting the takeaways that most benefit their own side, in all, there were revelations that were bad for both political parties…but it became pretty clear that while President Trump did something that wasn’t very smart (or very ethical) when he asked Comey to back off from the investigation into Michael Flynn, he didn’t do anything illegal. But Comey, this great bastion of non-partisan virtue and ethics (depending on which politician you ask on which day), had someone leak his own memo to the press as revenge for being fired by President Trump.

Oh, and Loretta Lynch totally used the power of the DOJ to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, for all of the good it did her.

But the most notable moment of the hearing was brought to us by Senator John McCain, who took the opportunity of Comey’s testimony to demonstrate the importance of term limits to the American People:


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