They Are Not Us

What we saw over the weekend: The Nazis and the Communists showed up in Charlottesville to do their best reenactment of 1920s and ’30s Germany.

Both are ideologies that America spent many years and many lives to fight against. Both are ideologies that should not be resurrected anywhere, for any reason.

White Supremacists March with Torches in Charlottesville

The entire world came together to fight a war not just against Nazi Germany, but against Nazi ideology, which had taken root in Europe, and was present in the American Progressive movement.

And after the Progressives enabled Communist Russia, we fought a Cold War, and two shooting wars (one in Korea, and another in Vietnam), to stop Communism from dominating the world.

The Nazis killed millions of people due to their misguided and evil racial ideology. Communists have killed billions of people due to their misguided and evil economic ideology.

Neo-Nazis have no place in American society. Wannabe Communist revolutionaries like Antifa have no place in American society. Both have the right to express their misguided opinions, but the minute that either group engages in violence, it has crossed the line.

The politicians, pundits, and political activists have been scrambling all week for some justification they can use to pin the blame for this weekend’s violence on “the other side.” Meanwhile, sane people on all sides of American politics are condemning both groups involved the weekend’s violence.

When President Trump denounced the “hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides,” he was right to do so. Neo-Nazis may be reprehensible, but the offensiveness of their cause does not negate the First Amendment.

From the start, the media has been trying to blame the events in Charlottesville on President Trump, and no matter how he responds, they have and will continue to spin his statements into some kind of endorsement of the neo-Nazis…despite the fact that he has denounced them multiple times. Meanwhile, they act as though Antifa, a radical-Left Communist group, doesn’t even exist, and they certainly weren’t anywhere near Charlottesville instigating violence that day. It doesn’t help that President Trump is an inarticulate blowhard – that has played right into the media’s narrative.

It’s gotten so ridiculous that CNN is now asking whether the recent ISIS attack in Barcelona was a “copycat” of the Charlottesville attack…because ISIS militants must not have been using that method of attack for months now in various cities across Europe. That was obviously “fake news.” It won’t be long now before the Left starts to claim that the Barcelona attack occurred because President Trump didn’t denounce the neo-Nazis strongly enough.

The ridiculousness seems to ramp up to new levels with each day that goes by. The War on Statuary has taken a couple of bizarre turns, with Antifa miscreants defacing and damaging a monument erected to encourage peace & healing after the Civil War. Another group burned a bust of Abraham Lincoln (which was somehow all Donald Trump’s fault).

Here’s the thing: we could remove each and every Confederate statue and memorial tomorrow, and it would do nothing to change race relations in America. Just the fact that so many people have channeled so much rage and hatred toward statues is laughable, because removing all of the statues in the world won’t change any hearts or minds. The simple truth is, we shouldn’t even be giving these neo-Nazi scumbags the time of day, but since they make a convenient vehicle for demonizing the Trump administration, the American media has talked about little else for nearly a week, and have emboldened the neo-Nazi scumbags to start scheduling more events in other cities across the U.S. How could they possibly stay home, when they get this kind of media exposure? And we shouldn’t be honoring the violent Antifa scumbags, or ignoring their violence and vandalism, just because their vehemence happens to be directed toward some racist degenerates at this particular moment in time.


But while the powers-that-be bicker over which “side” the president may or may not have condemned strongly enough, most of the rest of America has had it with these fringe groups. We’re tired of the useless partisan finger-pointing. We’re sick of the shit-show that American politics has become, where nothing gets done, and all everyone does is engage in blame games, day in and day out.

As Charlottesville was erupting in senseless violence, and in several of the days since, I have taken the opportunity to listen to some of the speeches and sermons of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It has been a much more worthwhile use of time than paying attention to the constant screeching that is our national media. Our nation could use a man like Dr. King today. When the people craved violence, he preached non-violence. When the people craved revenge, he preached reconciliation. Where are those voices today?


Perhaps it’s time that We, the People rise up and become those voices. Stop listening to the pundits and the politicians. In a world of flawed human beings, they are perhaps the most flawed, as they seek out more and more power, to use and abuse it to their own ends.

Don’t let the political industrial complex divide us. Treat your fellow human beings like human beings. The neo-Nazis and the Antifas are just fringe radicals that the media has made seem bigger than they are. Don’t be drawn in to the lies and the hate and the finger-pointing. America is more than a collection of groups, to be divvied up by skin color or voting blocs. We are each individuals, and we can each make the choice to reject hatred, no matter from where it springs. We can make America a better nation, but only if we stop listening to the voices that seek to drag us down in the name of ratings or popularity or power. Rise up and reach out to your fellow man. That is how we can fight racism in America. That is how we can overcome. That is how we can achieve the Dream Dr. King spoke about so eloquently.


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