The memo! The memo!

Congress and the White House finally got on the same page, and they finally released the memo they’ve hyped so much over the past few weeks.


To say I found it underwhelming is a massive understatement.

Everything that was in the memo had been talked about for weeks in conservative media.

For as much hype as the Democrats had put into their fear-mongering over compromising US national security, everything in there was pretty much public knowledge already.

And for as much hype as the Republicans had put into building this memo up to be an earth-shattering revelation, everything in there was pretty much public knowledge already.

All these Congressmen really accomplished was to confirm the rumors and theories that we were already 95% sure were true anyway. So now we get to the harder question: what will be done about this?

Leadership in the Obama administration did everything they could to turn executive agencies into weapons they could use to bludgeon conservatives and Republicans any way they could. They did it with the IRS. With the EPA. With the DOJ. Being in charge of the government wasn’t about running the government. It was all about getting that power, and doing everything they could to keep it. The corruption was rampant.

Self-perpetuation is one of the things that bureaucracies do best, so it’s no surprise that the so-called “deep state” went after the Trump campaign, and continued to go after his administration. None of this should come as a shock to anyone. But at this point, there’s still a special prosecutor digging into the supposed “collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign…even though we know that the only evidence of collusion points to the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Many of the same Republicans who pushed for #ReleaseTheMemo voted to renew and expand FISA right before kicking off their big hashtag campaign.

And since the memo’s contents were basically public knowledge a good while before any vote to declassify the memo ever took place, Democrats’ insistence that it was all ‘lies,’ while somehow simultaneously endangering US national security means that they have no credibility, either.

The whole thing was political theater, but anytime an administration interferes in an election and tries to subvert the next administration, that’s kind of a big deal…so what will be done about it?


BTW, if you haven’t seen the memo yet, you can get it here:

Read the memo.


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