Barista Body Cams

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

1528127454Just over a month ago, a couple of African-American guys went to Starbucks to meet a friend of theirs. They hadn’t ordered anything but asked to get the key for the restroom door. They were told that the restrooms were only for paying customers, so if they wanted to use the restroom, they would have to order something. When they refused, they were asked to leave. And when they refused to do that, the police were called, and the men were arrested.

And chaos ensued.

It’s amazing how one incident at a coffee shop in Philadelphia has garnered nation-wide media coverage for multiple weeks.

For context, the population of the United States is just over 326 million people. Starbucks has over 27,000 locations worldwide; as of 2017, there were just over 8,200 in the United States.

And because two guys were denied access to a restroom at one Starbucks location, the entire chain has been condemned for racial bias. There have been protests and social media outrage. The national media has brought constant updates for several weeks. The corporation’s CEO has publicly apologized. Starbucks just closed its 8,200+ stores in fact to put its employees through “racial bias training.”

Got that?

Continue reading here.


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