Republicans Go after Biden’s Energy Policies in an Attempt to Expose His Inconsistencies

Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary is Jennifer Granholm. And she has the task of explaining why the president is destroying the energy industry. Republicans in the Senate are furious with what Biden is doing to the country. They went after Granholm for answers. But all she would tell them were a bunch of lies. The fight […]

Chuck Schumer Tells All and Reveals What Democrats Plan for America

The amount of lies that Joe Biden has piled up on the country is staggering. At the start of his campaign, the old man promised to unite the country, and all he had ever done was divide it. And yet, for all of his lies, there is one that keeps making its way back to […]

State Democrats Show True Colors as New Congressional Map Is Accepted

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis put together new congressional maps that remove the Democratic advances they made willfully cheating at elections. The governor’s bold move went to the Senate, where it was widely accepted and passed. The Democrats were dismayed to see that a single majority vote wiped out their fraudulent positions and advances. And now […]

DeSantis Taking the Fight with Disney to the Next Level

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just went to the next level in his toe to toe battle with Disney. He brought the fight into a special session of the state legislature and asked that they consider eliminating the special taxing district that allows Disney to act as their own local government.  In the beginning, the state […]

Biden Talks Touch on Gun Control, But the Future Is Not So Bright

By Michael F. Hiatt/
Was it a win or a loss for President Joe Biden and gun control? Those who are supporters of gun safety rules could see it as a win. Citizens in the United States can no longer legally buy or sell what is known as “ghost guns.” These are firearms that have no serial numbers and […]

Democratic Strategists Already Slamming the Panic Button on the Midterms

With about seven months to go until the 2022 midterm elections, the Democrats have already reached out to slam down on the panic button. The writing is on the wall about progressive politics. Americans aren’t seeing the results from their elected officials that they had hoped for, and their faith in those running this country […]

Rand Paul Declares We Need To Stop Treating Biden Like He Has a Cognitive Disorder, and Believes He Poses a Massive Security Risk

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has been trying to warn everybody about the Biden administration. This isn’t a new topic for him, as he has been trying to warn us about everything wrong with Biden for some years now. Things that many overlooked or saw as grandfatherly are now being recognized as risks to national security, […]

South Korea Elects a New President Who Has a Backbone and Wants To Teach Kim Jong Un “Some Manners”

For years America has been helping keep South Korea safe. By keeping a large presence in the country, North Korea has reasons not to try an invasion, and by keeping them from doing so the dialog lines have remained open to some degree. While President Trump was in office, he did his best to use […]

Loaded Gun in Democratic Lawmaker’s Bag — Rules Don’t Apply to Him?

There are always different rules for Democratic leaders than for everyone else. We saw it with the mask mandates – particularly in California. Now, we see it with a loaded gun. Obviously, we know that we cannot fly anywhere with a loaded gun. It’s simply against the rules. Well, unless you’re a Democratic lawmaker in […]

Tucker Carlson Blasts DC for Caring More About Ukraine’s Borders Than Our Own

Right now, if you turn on any news channel, pick up any newspaper, or tune into any local news radio show, you are likely to see or hear at least something or other about the current Russian invasion of Ukraine. And to be sure, it is big news. However, more than a few in this […]

Restaurants Want Another Bailout, White House Turns Their Backs

Many restaurants have struggled throughout the pandemic. They were forced to close until they could create a “contactless” solution. Some were able to thrive while others were forced to close their doors. Even as cities changed the COVID rules, they weren’t allowed to open at full capacity. Some restaurants couldn’t allow dining inside. Others had […]

Ottawa Mayor and Freedom Convoy Leaders Find Common Ground To Compress Protest for the Sake of Small Business

As much as the liberal mainstream media keeps trying to vilify the January 6th protests, they put twice the effort in with the Freedom Convoy in Canada. If you listened to them alone, you would be wondering how Ottawa isn’t burned to the ground as the evil truckers invaded. This narrative could not be further […]

Two Leaders in Canada Ready to End the COVID-19 Restrictions Because of the ‘Freedom Convoy’

The “Freedom Convoy” keeps trucking along, and they are making some pretty good headway! Now, two leaders of Canadian provinces have declared that they are going to stop their COVID-19 restrictions due to the nationwide protests.  Jason Kenney, the Premier of Alberta, wrote this in a tweet, “I get the frustration out there, but the […]

Tulsi Gabbard Explains the Real Problem with Choosing SCOTUS Pick Based on Skin Color

Imagine waiting your entire life for the opportunity to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Plenty of lawyers and judges have dreamed of such things. Since only nine people can sit on SCOTUS at a time, and appointments are for life, it’s not an opportunity that comes up very often. President Biden already said that […]

The Justices Who Gave Biden a Win

Matt Smith Photographer/
Matt Smith Photographer/shutterstock.comI am sure by now you have all heard of Democratic President Joe Biden’s overreaching and disastrous vaccine mandates. By and large, they weren’t meant to be a good thing, I think, something to supposedly ensure that the COVID-19 pandemic would end here in America and that lives would be saved. However, as you well […]

Biden and Harris Are Not Welcome in Atlanta…To Avoid Nausea Their Former Supporters Won’t Be Attending The Duos Upcoming Visit

BiksuTong/shutterstock.comA coalition of voters rights groups in Atlanta has made it abundantly clear how they would rather receive a visit from Jeffrey Dahmer than from Joe Biden. Neither El Presidente nor his fancy flavorless fluff is welcomed in ‘The Big Peach.’ But their disdain for the man isn’t enough to stop Biden from dropping in […]

Manchin Reveals No Negotiating Happening on Build Back Better

Rachael Warriner/
Rachael Warriner/shutterstock.comThe Democratic senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, continues to be the focus of the Republican effort to thwart President Joe Biden’s massive spending plan called Build Back Better. Manchin said recently that he has not seen any negotiations taking place that could revive Biden’s social spending package.  “I’m really not going to talk about […]

Pelosi’s District Abandons Liberals’ Pet Project and Attempts to Funnel Billions Toward Policing Police

Sheila Fitzgerald/
Sheila Fitzgerald/shutterstock.comWhile the conservatives spent the better part of 2020 putting out fires the left was inciting (and paying random liberals to start) now the same said liberals are throwing in the towel and needing some relief. After letting the American terrorists have their way with our great country, the San Francisco Democrat Mayor London Breed […]

Socialists Want To Work Less and Get Paid More As Their Greed Forever Increases

W. Scott McGill/
W. Scott McGill/shutterstock.comThe Democratic Party cannot refrain from attacking the economy and the labor market. Joe Biden’s disastrous policies for America have killed off millions of jobs and forced millions of people out of the workforce. His socialist handout programs have made it possible for people to live at home and not. The lack of workers has […]

What in the World is Latinx? Well, It’s Offensive…

By fitzcrittle/
By fitzcrittle/shutterstock.comThe liberals have decided that they want to give every group a nickname without it being offensive. Rather than referring to people as Latin Americans, they have decided to use “Latinx.” By doing this, it is a gender-neutral solution so that they can appear to be as “woke” as possible. Essentially, Latinx is a nonbinary […]

Wife of Former Top-Ranking Chinese Communist Official Speaks Out Against Her Government…Her Husband Vanished in 2018

By All themes/
By All themes/shutterstock.comAs the bride of a senior Communist Chinese official, Grace Meng once lived the luxurious lifestyle only afforded to the elite. Her hubby, Meng Hongwei, was a high-ranking police officer on the security team that makes certain no outside forces try to take the Communist party down. The party revered him so much that they […]

Welfare Fraud is Alive and Well in Biden’s America

By chrisdorney/
By chrisdorney/shutterstock.comBiden has made it possible for more people to sit on their backsides and collect Welfare. And if someone does start to work again, they don’t want to give up the Welfare. After all, that extra money just makes it easier to afford the various “other” things that the liberals haven’t begun offering – like […]

Clean Up on Aisle…Oh, Anywhere Biden Has Been…

By Michael F. Hiatt/
By Michael F. Hiatt/shutterstock.comJoe Biden is an embarrassment. He says whatever he wants. He sniffs the unsuspecting. And, he constantly mutters under his breath. He’s a ticking time bomb of dementia, and it’s only a matter of time before he says something that the media simply can’t explain. And those who are in the White House have been […]

Murderers and Rapists Get a Thumbs Up from Biden

By FOTOKITA It’s hard to appease everyone when it comes to the border crisis. For close to a year, the southern border has allowed countless migrants to shove their way through. And, the Biden administration has welcomed them by flying and busing them into the interior of the U.S. Some of the migrants are murderers and rapists. […]

Joy Behar Claims White People Were the Experiment for COVID Vaccine…and, Then, Says the Unthinkable

By s_bukley shutterstock.comHow is it that Joy Behar or any of the other women from “The View” still have a job? The things that come out of their mouths are some of the most insulting and heinous things…yet they can say anything and be adored by liberals around the country. The topic of the COVID vaccine came […]

Biden Seeks To Use Vaccine Mandate To Fire Border Agents

The crisis seems to worsen for the heroes who serve the country by protecting everyone from illegal aliens. Biden and his demonic administration seek to use the president’s vaccine mandate as the means to thin out the officers working overtime to protect Americans at the southern border. Biden does not like those governors such as […]

Good Luck Taking Those Guns Away! Women Represent Almost Half of New Gun Buyers

This sort of cultural shift has been a long time coming. Once a cultural shift like this takes place, a political shift soon follows. Over the past 27 months, women have been buying guns at a greater rate than ever before. This period of time includes the Democratic presidential primary run-up and the pandemic. This […]

Miami Beach Is a Warzone of Crime and Violence…Reinforcements Have Been Called in and It’s About to Go Down

Once known for its glitzy nightclubs and posh restaurants, Miami Beach isn’t even a shadow of what at one time drew thousands of elitists to the exclusive hotspot. Today, Miami Beach still draws thousands, but they’re a far cry from the pearl-draped money mongers of long ago. Violence and mayhem have spilled into the streets […]

Lone Ranger Biden Ran off His Friends…Democrats Can No Longer Support a Man with Bloodstained Hands

Joe Biden is running out of friends. He was warned to lose the chip on his shoulder for his predecessor but those warnings fell on deaf ears. His determination to destroy Trumps’ legacy is instead killing the one he had hoped to leave behind as everything he continues to touch turns to dung. Seizing every […]

Texas Democrats Are Facing Arrest Warrants After Fleeing the State

The idiotic Democrats from Texas think that they are patriots because they have illegally obstructed the legislative process. 58 law-defying liberals thinking that they own the world boarded a private jet and fled to Washington. They thought that they would become martyrs for their cause, and people were going to praise them for their bravery. […]