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Robert Cleveland

I am the General Manager for a nationwide document management solutions company, and a devoted husband and father. I am also a news junkie, always trying to stay up on the goings-on in politics in the United States and across the world.

I have an utterly useless BA in Liberal Studies from Cal State Bakersfield, and a Master's Degree in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix.

I'm always focused on my true loves: politics, my wife, technology, and my daughters (not in that order).

In my free time (what little of it I have), I love to write about politics - you can find my writings here on my blog, at, and at

I am also featured every Thursday afternoon at 1:00 PM on the Jaz McKay show on KNZR Radio

Calm The Hell Down

My latest column is up at AND Magazine. Here is an excerpt: The story behind the GOP primary is anger. The polls, the pundits, and the voters seem to be in agreement: people are angry, and that anger is translating into votes. Donald Trump is intent on riding that wave […]

The REAL Issues

It’s amazing what are treated like real issues in this primary campaign: The media starts a rumor about Ben Carson dropping out; multiple campaigns (Cruz and Rubio) pick up on it. So did Cruz cheat to win in Iowa? No, but he came in 1st, so all fingers point at him. […]

The Truth For Ben Carson

Following Ted Cruz’s win at the Iowa Caucuses, Ben Carson came out accusing the Cruz campaign of “dirty tricks,” after they had urged Carson voters to caucus for Cruz.  Today, social media and the blogosphere are rife with accusations that Cruz “cheated” to get his win in Iowa. But what […]

Can You Trust Trump?

My latest column is up at AND Magazine. Here is an excerpt: In the high political theater that is the 2016 Presidential Primaries, it seems that most candidates are playing a part. Chris Christie pretends he’s a conservative, as he does every time he runs for president. John Kasich pretends […]

Eminent Domain

If it’s somehow okay for the government to seize private property from a person and hand it over to a business because the business will pay more in taxes, what’s stopping the government from seizing all of our houses and divvying them up between property management companies (other than that […]

Are the Oscars too white?

So many people are up in arms because the Oscars are “too white” this year.  If you care enough about awards that the film industry gives to itself that you actually know the racial makeup of the nominees, then you’re taking it WAY too seriously. I will admit that, many […]

What I Expect Tonight

Another year, another State of the Union…though this year the annual Pageant of Washington Royalty (as I like to call it) is being foisted on us quite a bit earlier in the year than usual.  Glenn Beck is predicting that the president is setting it up so that he can […]

What’s More Important?

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump called Ted Cruz a “maniac,” alleging that Cruz is unqualified to be president because he had the audacity to call out Mitch McConnell on the floor of the Senate because McConnell had lied to Senate Republicans. Now Rand Paul is jumping on the bandwagon, […]