Trump Supporters Promoted to Enemy of the State Status

The nastiness of the liberal media has come to the surface again as the January 6 riot testimonies continue. A self-righteous reporter from The New York Times took upon herself to brand all Donald Trump voters as “enemies of the state.” The implication of what Katie Benner is suggesting is that a third of the […]

AOC is Busted for ‘Dire Health Risk’

Can we all just agree that this whole mask mandate thing is getting a bit out of hand, especially in the Capitol? I mean, I understand that several Democratic House members are now being quarantined and treated for positive COVID tests. But, I also know that this might give more than a few other house […]

Nation’s Largest Four-Year Public University System Mandating COVID-19 Vaccination for Almost 550,000 Faculty and Students

The nation’s largest four-year public university system announced on Tuesday that it is now requiring all faculty, staff, and the total student population that accesses facilities at any of its campuses to be immunized against COVID-19. California State University is giving this mandate beginning with the fall 2021 term. California State University Chancellor Joseph I. […]

Name Calling From Left Proves How Far Gone They Are

Nancy Pelosi is by far the rudest to sit in the House Majority Leaders chair. She attacked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy by calling him a “moron” because he accused the Democrats of following feelings rather than science. McCarthy went after the new mask mandate that the U.S. Capitol physician burned the people with. He […]

Buttigieg and Husband Say Their $221,000 Salary Can’t Afford a 1-Bedroom Apt.

You might be shocked to learn that newly instated U.S. Transportation Secretary and former failed presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is having a hard time affording suitable living accommodations in the swamp of Washington D.C. But according to his husband, Chasten, that’s exactly how bad things are in the nation’s capital. Per a recent interview with The […]

America Is Just One Generation From Being Extinct Because of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party loves to see people die. They support the willful extermination of human life before birth. They are inclined to support the same philosophy of exterminating the life of an older adult once they have outlasted their usefulness. Andrew Cuomo demonstrated that concept when he deliberately infected healthy older adults living in nursing […]

San Mateo Proves It’s About Control Not Vaccinations with New Mask Mandates

Liberal counties across the nation are adding mask mandates once again. Mask up because we tell you to not because it will save your life. The liberals have chosen to ignore science. And what’s happening in San Mateo County California proves that it’s all about control, not about saving lives. The liberals will tell you […]

City Officials Fall Into Panic as They Buy Into Liberal Lies Regarding New COVID Strain

The liberals in St. Louis are in an all-out panic mode following a weekend of media coverage regarding the new Delta variant that has them scared to death. The past has Democrats at all levels fearful, and they do not know how to handle the pressure. City and County officials in St. Louis are forcing […]

Texas Democrat Realizes That Leaving Home Was Biggest Mistake of His Life

Texas Democrats who ran away from an election vote found out that their decision to flee to Mother Pelosi cost them more than they were willing to pay. The minute they decided to leave the state would mean that they could not return without facing legal action upon their return. The Democrats acted like spoiled […]

Trump Explains Why He Can’t Announce a 2024 Run, Yet…

We’ve all thought about it and talked about it. Hell, some of us have even prayed about it: the day when Donald Trump announces another run for the US presidency. Well, it’s not here yet, I’m sad to say. However, thanks to recent news, we could be just a small step closer. As you all […]

Rand Paul is Making a Criminal Referral to the DOJ Concerning Fauci Allegedly Lying to Congress

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky made an explosive announcement on Tuesday night that he is referring Dr. Anthony Fauci to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation because Fauci has allegedly lied to Congress. Dr. Fauci is the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the chief medical […]

Ben and Jerry’s Causes Int’l Incident by Pulling Their Ice Cream from all Israeli Occupied Territories

Granted, every nation has its share of internal problems, big and small, but now and again an insurmountable issue of the greatest magnitude slaps a country so hard even its future existence is called into question. All eyes are on Israel as it faces the worst crisis of its history. Can they pull through this […]

Israel Based Hack-For-Hire Group NSO Might Be Watching You if You’re One of the 50,000 Being Illegally Surveilled

Computer hackers find their way in through a software program’s hidden backdoors and cracked windows. Like cockroaches, they’re modern-day burglars who can squeeze into even the tiniest of undetected openings, and they aren’t limited to a few houses and unlocked cars. The world is literally their virtual oyster, and their keyboards hold the keys. Some […]

Texas Dems Get Bad News After Fleeing to D.C.

As there’s been much to-do over about Democratic lawmakers from Texas recently, I’m sure you’ve heard all about their recent hypocrisy. But it appears, in their rush to flee their home state and constituents, they’ve gotten themselves into a bit of trouble – and not just with their fellow Texas lawmakers. As of Monday morning, […]

Biden Admin Announced Plan to Stand by Communist Dictatorship Saying America Won’t Accept Refugees

The Biden administration has made it clear from their first day that they planned to take a lenient stance on illegal immigration. It’s been a bone of contention between the parties because what one calls grace and understanding the other calls a ticket to open borders. The one thing that both sides have agreed on, […]

Sean Hannity Gets on His Own Podium to Criticize U.S. Olympic Committee’s Plan to Redesign American Flag

Sean Hannity, the popular host at Fox News, is challenging the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). He reported that the committee is right now in the early stages of a plan to redesign the American flag on the logo it uses. They plan to replace the 50 stars with 5 new stars and also change […]

CNN Medical Expert Wants to Make Life “Hard” for Those Not Vaccinated

CNN News, firmly rooted in the leftist agenda, gave a platform to their medical contributor, Dr. Leana Wen, who was the former head of Planned Parenthood. On a recent broadcast, she argued that life needs to be made difficult for those who are not vaccinated against COVID-19. She even suggested they should be barred from […]

Psaki’s Aggressive and Hilarious Defense of Hunter Biden Has Republicans Wondering What the Administration Might Be Hiding

White House press secretary Jen Psaki seems to be going above and beyond the call of duty when she defends one of the president’s children, Hunter Biden. Everyone’s favorite drug-addled, prostitute soliciting, deal brokering, headline-grabbing first son has put himself on the straight and narrow, and he now paints. Yes, he’s gone from drug and […]

Pelosi Caught Red-Handed in Awful Lie About Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made no secret of her disdain for former President Donald Trump. She has held him in the lowest possible regard from day one. Her frustration with the billionaire turned politician seems to have gotten even deeper of late, and it might have caused a bit of a flub, one that’s […]

North Dakota Sues Biden Over Oil Suspension

By now, it’s no secret that the Biden Administration has effectively declared war on the American people, and more particularly, the blue-collar workforce and energy industry. On day one in office, he not only shut down the much-needed and anticipated Keystone XL pipeline project but also ordered that all federal gas and oil lease sales […]

Rand Paul Fighting for Sanity In a World of Joe Bidenism

The American people are sick and tired of old man Biden dragging behind in progress. The COVID-19 virus is long gone, and people have returned to their everyday lives. That is everyone except governmental employees and airline travelers. Biden had stated that July 4 would be the release date from mask-wearing, but he recently changed […]

Biden Kneels and Bows to Foreign Aide?

Just about everyone knows there is a fine line between being endearing and awkward, especially when meeting new people. You know, the difference between shaking a hand and making it into a manly competition. Or how about when the other person doesn’t offer a hand at all? Most people seem to manage the differences just […]

Knock Knock, It’s Biden at Your Door

People like their privacy. It’s why all across America, people have “no soliciting” signs on their front doors. Leave us alone, we don’t want what you’re selling. There’s a reason why Beto O’Rourke didn’t make it far in the Democratic presidential primaries. When he told America that he was going to go door-to-door and “come […]

MSNBC Republican Commentator Recommends Her Party Be Burned Down to the Ground

She may be Republican, but she is still working with MSNBC! Susan Del Percio is a GOP contributor to the liberal news agency, and she had some intense words for her own party. This Lincoln Project senior adviser told her MSNBC cohorts that the best way to bolster “democracy” is to “burn down” the Republican […]

As His Approval Numbers Tank…Biden Gives Us His Word “As a “Biden” that Our Future Is Bright

Biden had no trouble using his name as a reason to unite and believe this weekend. During his remarks celebrating Independence Day on the South Lawn of the White House, President Biden referenced his last name as assurance for the American people. He maintained that everything would turn out just fine for Americans. In those […]

Dems Blame Climate Change in Miami Building Collapse

There seems to be no end to the insanity that is flooding the Democratic Party. Their ideas and thoughts seem so far disconnected that many begin to wonder if they are all going insane. Joe Biden at least has an excuse for his nutty comments. His brain is stricken with dementia, and it makes it […]

Racist Confederate Statues to be Removed Turn out to All Be Democrats

As a born and raised Republican, there are many, many reasons I tend to disagree with most Democrats on nearly every controversial matter. Maybe if I had been raised another way, that might not be the case. However, I am prone to thinking that it still would. Why? Well, I have a tough time relating […]

Donald Rumsfeld, an American Statesman, Dead Just Shy of His 89th Birthday

Donald Rumsfeld was at the center of GOP leadership for decades. He was not only a Republican power broker but also defense secretary and at the helm of the Iraq War. Rumsfeld died on Tuesday just a few days before his 89th birthday, according to his family’s report on Wednesday. “It is with deep sadness […]

Another State to Help Fill the Need for Law Enforcement at Southern Border

The delirious Joe Biden has lost control of the country. And that is a great thing because he will not be able to impose himself on anyone. The Republican-run states have taken it upon themselves to keep the people safe. Democratic states are in a state of chaos because they keep trying to align themselves […]

So This Trans Woman Walks Into a Salon and Says, “I Need My Man Parts Waxed”

When a proud couple presents their newborn son for family and friends to ogle over, little do they know they may one day be watching her walk down the aisle. Scientists believe an overabundance of the opposite hormones than a person’s visual gender reveals them to be, means the factory screwed up another one. An […]

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