Biden Is Furious That Trump Was More Popular Than Him by This Point…Watch for the “Biden 2022 Summer Tour”

Joe Biden’s been drinking Pepto by the six-pack as of late. His no-step forward two steps back approach has been etching his name on a granite marker to rest above the six-foot hole he’s been digging. But non-smokin’ Joe’s ulcers aren’t inflamed by the smorgasbord of fumbles he can’t remember. He just wants to be […]

Not a Gay Wedding Vendor? Hold Your Breath for a Supreme Court Ruling

In the past, wedding vendors had the ability to decide who they wanted to have as customers. Then, those who were having LGBT weddings found that some vendors had “religious objections” to providing a wedding cake for a gay wedding, selling a dress for a lesbian wedding, and so on. Some states have actually created […]

Gun Violence Continues to Rise as Democrats Seek to Eliminate the Second Amendment

The Democrats love the events unfolding across the country. First, there were tragic shootings in Texas at the elementary school where an 18-year-old murdered 19 kids and two of their teachers. And now, there is the man that walked into a medical facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma and murdered four innocent people. The liberals love these […]

Liberals Using Climate Change to Justify Changing America’s Power Grid

The Democratic Party and the liberal supporters use whatever means they can find to push the climate narrative. They lost the use of the pandemic cover, so they searched for something new to hide their destructive agenda. They know that no one will challenge the concept of climate change. It all comes down to interpreting […]

Army’s Top Brass Admits to Not Taking Sexual Assault Seriously…Now They Have No Choice…Get With the Program or Get Out

According to a new government watchdog report, the U.S. Army’s program, SHARP, isn’t cutting the mustard. The acronym stands for its Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention program. The report said the Army needs to step up to the plate with a passel of new revisions and that it needs to quit taking its sweet time […]

Liberals Get Creative to Falsely Accuse Republicans of Wrongdoing

The Democrats are a party of desperate politicians. Their time in Washington is coming to an end, and they are actively searching for any opportunity they can to smear the name of any Republican. Madison Cawthorn is a Republican serving the people in North Carolina. The left has led themselves to believe that he has […]

Biden is “Rattled” by His Ever-Lowering Approval Rating and Pleads with Aides for a New Strategy

As you have probably figured out by talking to just about anyone, Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t exactly the most popular. Hell, even my die-hard Democratic father-in-law has a major problem with him and his administration. And according to a new report by NBC News, Biden is fairly “rattled” by it all. As the report […]

Biden Administration Accused of Racism From Within…Black Staffers Are Quitting in Record Numbers

Liberal Democrats talk a big game. They’re all about inclusion. Everybody wins a trophy. These are the people who voted for Joe Biden and his empty all-for-one promises. Biden easily cinched the deal by riding the coattails of his female Black/Filipino running mate, Kamala Harris, whom he hand-selected for her gender and dark-skinned qualifications. The […]

As Inflation Rises, Orders To Feed the US Supply Chain Feel the Squeeze

Try as hard as he might, Biden has been unsuccessful at getting people to remain inspired by the U.S. economy. With inflation rising, the stock market rarely has a day it finishes positive, and store shelves sitting empty on certain things, the people are fed up. For the manufacturers and others within the supply chain, […]

Hundreds of Migrants Got Away…in One Weekend

Each and every week, we hear about how there are hundreds of migrants showing up to the southern border. The Border Patrol agents can only do so much. They are limited in manpower and resources. It’s one of the reasons why Greg Abbott has asked to declare the border a state of emergency – only […]