Trump’s New Platform Just Launched…Who Needs Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?..He Doesn’t…Now You Don’t Either

In July 2003 when Myspace launched the first-ever major social media platform, the internet took on an entirely different role. The platform amassed millions of anxious subscribers who were catching up with old friends, showing off photos, and posting their favorite songs. The new shiny platform kicked off an avalanche of others to follow, and […]

Maxine Waters New Pronouncement Proves Nothing Conservatives Do Will Ever Be Enough

United States Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) went after the entire country, its residents, its improvements, and all the integrity and opportunity that has been installed or grown over the last 200 years, saying that “every day we have seen this nation get more racist.” The decades-long trek forward from slavery, the civil war, civil rights, […]

If These Proposals Pass Your Take Home’s Going Down…America’s Elderly Need Help…or Do They?

Old people. America has roughly 28,000,000 of them who are over age 70 or older. They’ve lived the better parts of their lives and for the most part, just want to enjoy watching the world pass by. But once they become a burden on the younger family members they once took excellent care of, the […]

Biden Flew in How Many Illegals without COVID Tests or IDs?

Considering the near-tyrannical rules and seemingly never-ending COVID limitations Biden’s left-leaning administration has placed on us, you’d assume that he and his staff would be ultra-cautious about who he lets into our nation right now, as we still find ourselves amid a pandemic. Most Americans still find themselves under a mask mandate, required negative COVID […]

Disgusting! Look How The Liberals are Packing the Library at This School

The Democrats are hoping that they will be able to pack the courts somehow so they can get rid of the conservative majority standing in their way of total domination in America. The uncertainty of the times has a lot of people on edge. But the courtroom is not only the place liberals are trying […]

Police Who Laughed at Bodycam Video of 73-Year-Old Woman’s Violent Arrest No Longer Find It Funny

A 73-year-old woman in Loveland, Colorado walked out of a local Walmart with $13.88 worth of merchandise she forgot to pay for. The thought of shoplifting had never crossed her mind and the attempted theft wasn’t intentional. In fact, not much of anything was crossing her mind at the time. The woman, who suffers from […]

Blue States Set to Lose More House Seats to GOP

As you well know, the 2020 general elections didn’t exactly go as planned for Democrats. While they did manage to win the White House and gain control of the Senate, albeit, by the very thinnest of margins, they lost big time in the House of Representatives. In fact, thanks to their massive losses there, they […]

Harris’ Sick Gift for Kids in Migrant Detention Considered Cruel and Unusual by Conservatives

Migrant children being held by the Department of Health and Human services have it rough, there’s no about it. Not only are they separated from family (whether before leaving to cross the border or once apprehended), but they have no idea what the future will hold when it will hold it, or when they’ll be […]

Michigan Baby Representative Cries About Being Arrested for Being Drunk and Threatens to Call Whitmer About the Matter

Jewell Jones is the 26-year-old sensation that hit that Michigan political scene as he was once the youngest politician to be elected to the statehouse. He has served in various positions, including that of a city council. But with all of his experience that he has gained in a short amount of time, there is […]

Mask Wearing Still Required, Leaving Americans to Question Vaccine Efficacy

The Democrats love exerting control on Americans. And forcing the mask issue well into 2021 is a perfect example of it all. There’s a reason why Trump pushed as hard as he did to get the vaccines created and approved. It was to resume a normal life. Yet, as more Americans get vaccinated, the Democrats […]

Fox News Hosts Order for Police in Conflict Has Even Embarrassed Even Liberals

The criticism for law enforcement has been in no short supply in recent days (or rather, months … no, years, final answer). Not only do high-profile cases like Derek Chauvin bring law enforcement officers into the spotlight, but the issue of racism itself has become tangled with what it takes an officer to do his […]

America’s Stockholm Syndrome

A few years ago, the media wasn’t as kind to the Office of the President as it is today. A war of words and a disagreement over the principles of honest journalism kept them at odds. President Trump wanted fair and impartial coverage, the media didn’t agree. In general, the media seemed to be the […]

Mexico Tries to Bribe Biden…and It Might Work

There’s a problem at the border, and we all know it. Even Biden has called it a crisis, though it’s unclear what he plans to do about it. Now, it seems as though the Mexican President is ready to take advantage of the situation. Since it’s clear that the U.S. cannot or will not fix […]

Water’s Man Gets Arrested After He Attacks National Guard

Mad Maxine Waters is turning heads again as she interferes with the justice system in Minnesota. Her big mouth spewed a ton of hateful words that were meant to incite violence against the judge and police if the cop that is on trial were to be acquitted of all charges. Her attempts to intimidate the […]

Let’s Look at Who is Doing the Killing in Chicago

Let’s listen to the liberal argument for just a moment. Cops are killing at least three people a day across the nation. Therefore, cops are the problem and we must completely overhaul police departments across the nation. Why is it that the cops are the ones that are being accused of doing all of the […]

After Broken Promise, Biden Supporters Turn on Him

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say President Joe Biden intends to lose all his supporters. Now, I know that’s not really his plan here, but it seems that with every decision he makes, or in this case unmakes, he ends up with less and less who actually support him and approve of his […]

Wildly Popular Ice Cream Maker Takes on Law Enforcement: ‘Must Be Dismantled’

Heartbroken conservatives are in a quandary for how to settle heartbreak as the news broke that the popular ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s has gone after law enforcement in a disturbing attack. Following the shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, on Sunday the ice cream brand, which has been known to support […]

Harris to Travel to Both Mexico and Guatemala but Not the Border…

As has been reported and rightly criticized, Vice President Kamala Harris, who has recently been put in charge of the border crisis our nation is currently facing, has not made a single trip to see exactly what is going on there and what can be done about it. She has not gone to see the […]

BLM Co-Founder Goes on Million-Dollar Buying Spree

Black Lives Matter and the political left would love for you to believe they are helping the world become a better place. They want you to think that they care about equality and civil rights. But, as their co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ lifestyle proves, those ideals are far, far from reality. While millions of Americans all […]

Divide Grows Wide as Psaki Stereotypes All White People as Something They are Not

Biden’s administration does not have the slightest idea of what unity is about. His definition of unity means for people to obey what he tells them to do blindly. And if they fail to listen to his words, he is simply going to executive order them to do it regardless of what they think or […]

Trump Calls Republican Leader a ‘Dumb Son of a B***H’ in Bombshell Speech

Former President Donald Trump shocked, amazed, and greatly encouraged some Republicans when he once again showed off his proclivity to call out fellow Republicans during his recent speech to the Republican National Committee. According to a report in the Independent Journal Review, the former president used his time speaking before the committee to call out […]

California Struggles to Count Past One to Determine How Many Senators the State Should Get

It seems as though California is struggling with the way that states are represented in Congress. They feel that because they have more people in their state, it entitles them to both more representatives and more senators. The Articles of Confederation were written to provide equal representation. It ensured that small states and large states […]

Beyond Sick: China Tries Coverup Genocide With Uyghur Musical

Let’s cut to the chase: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a deeply sick and demented political body. Perhaps a cause of this sickness is the cold-blooded decision-making of a vast bureaucracy — i.e., communism — which could be replicated in any country around the world at scale, but the Han Chinese seem to have […]

Braves Fans Find Special Punishment for MLB After Move from Atlanta

As it turns out some baseball fans aren’t too keen on Major League Baseball’s decision to move their All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver C.O. over Georgia’s new state election integrity bill that was signed into law just days ago. Curiously enough, those fans are primarily – you guessed it – Atlanta Braves fans. According […]

Vaccine Passports Not Getting Support from Freedom Loving People

Joe Biden’s insane idea of requiring COVID passports to fly is falling flat because it is a socialist attempt to control more aspects of people’s lives. His motive behind the idea is to force conservatives to do things they do not want to do. He figures that if he can take away their travel ability, […]

Jobs are Open, Stop Handing Out Money

Oh, no! So many people are without jobs. The pandemic has made it so that people are unable to work. We have to help our poor, suffering Americans. The liberal dialogue has many convinced that it’s the responsibility of the federal government to hand out money as though it’s candy. As a result, trillions of […]

US Olympics Committee to Allow Protesting During American Anthem

We have seen a disgusting trend in American sports all over the US: the protesting of the National Anthem or American flag. I’m sure you have seen it, heard of it, or maybe even personally know someone who has participated in such an activity. Thankfully, there is one major sporting event that has banned any […]

Texas Incredible COVID News Proves Liberals to be Dictatorial Idiots

Liberals found themselves irate and ready to put a pox on states that didn’t stay within the liberal freedom-stripping guidelines of their more austere COVID-19 protocols. Such was the case with Texas who lifted their mask mandate just two weeks ago. However, the much-anticipated spike in COVID diagnosis did not come. Liberals waited, but alas, […]

Man Has Horrifying Reaction to J&J COVID Vaccine

A vaccine here… Its announcement was a joyous occasion for many throughout the United States and the world, as they finally had something that might at least combat the fear of being infected by the deadly and widespread coronavirus disease. But does that mean you should trust it? After all, it was created in the […]

San Diego Teachers Provide In-Person Learning for Migrants but Not Americans

I’m not going to lie. I thank God nearly every single day that I was born, raised, and currently live in a conservative-led state. I am grateful that my children are being raised in a county that appreciates them and sees to their needs. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many Americans and many […]

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