Texans Band Together As Landowners Make Building the Fence Real Easy for Governor Abbott

Illegal immigration was not much of a problem once Donald Trump secured the border by instituting the “Remain in Mexico” program. He made it so all people wanting access to America would have to appear in court to plead their asylum case before an immigration judge. The illegals’ problem with the regulations was that they […]

Biden Stands by Traitor As Chinese Cheer Him On

Joe Biden has now stooped to a new all-time low against Americans as he has announced his support to known traitors. Mark Milley has been found secretly conspiring with Chinese General Li Zuocheng. Milley was found to be making secret calls to the communist military man providing him with information about American intentions when dealing […]

Hidden Videos Reveal Louisiana State Troopers Have Been Beating the Crap Out of Motorists for Decades

Immediately following the fiasco surrounding the death of George Floyd, previously unreported incidences of police abuse began to surface from around the country. The purported victims all say it would have been their word against the cops who tossed them around like a beanbag, so why fight a losing battle and risk making the situation […]

Biden’s Connections to Racism Have Deeper Ties Than We Thought

As you well know, Democrats have purported themselves as the party of minorities for some time now, claiming that they alone hold the interests of those formerly and still oppressed close to their hearts. And Joe Biden, as one of the nation’s most well-known Democrats, has undoubtedly tried to assert this as truth. However, it […]

Salon’s Head Writer Launches Into Satanic Tirade…Texas Abortion Laws Violate Their Right to use Fetuses in Rituals

Amanda Marcotte is the head political writer for the liberal rag, Salon. Hailing from the great state of Texas, Marcotte is also an active blogger, a full-speed-ahead feminist, and a fervent pro-abortion activist. In defense of her arguments against her home state’s new restrictive abortion laws, Marcotte has turned to the one guy she knows […]

N. Korea Deploys Military to Farms To Kill Food Thieves on Sight as Starvation Deaths Rise

While North Korea is boasting about just having test-fired their first long-range missile, the citizens of the country are starving. After a couple of years of droughts coupled with Kim Jong Un piling up his massive dinner plate, there’s nary enough food to go around. This makes the chubby little man with a bad haircut […]

1619 Project Creator Refuses to Teach What in Her New School?

There’s little doubt in my mind that by now, you’ve most likely heard of the now infamous 1619 Project created by Nikole Hannah-Jones and sponsored by The New York Times. This is even more likely should you have school-age children or are involved in educational programming in the United States. As you will remember, the […]

Teacher Who Rejected American Flag Gets a Patriotic Visit from the Community

In recent months and weeks, we have heard a lot about teachers and schools pushing things on our kids that we may or may not agree with. While the most talked-about issue is undoubtedly about wearing facial masks, another massive problem right now is that some schools or teachers believe it’s suddenly ok to begin […]

Biden Wants to Forego Vetting Altogether to Turn Afghans into Citizens Fast

We’ve already been warned by other countries that some of the Afghans looking to enter as refugees are not as they appear. They are part of the Taliban or ISIS-K. It’s why it’s critical to vet each and every person that we allow into our country. Safety is critical. Without putting safety first, we risk […]

Liberal Media Wants People To Think That Life Ends When Pandemic Benefits Expire

The Liberals have decided that it is best to keep all Americans guessing about the truth behind their selfish agenda. Joe Biden provides his worthless speeches that Jen Psaki has to interpret. The mainstream media passes along fake news stories and confusing headlines about events around the world. And the country is left wonder what […]

Could Cuomo’s Groping Be Caught on Camera?

Andrew Cuomo thinks that resigning as governor will make all of his problems go away. That’s not exactly true. He wants to deny all of the sexual allegations that have come his way. Yet, we may be able to learn what really happened by seeing it all on camera. Surveillance videos have been subpoenaed along […]

Dems Get Desperate to Pay for Their Wish Lists…and Americans Will Pay for It All

The Democrats of the Senate are getting desperate for ways to pay for their $3.5 trillion budget resolution. It’s an expensive resolution – but that’s because it’s filled with all of their liberal wish lists. As it stands right now, there’s no way to pay for it. It’s not something that the U.S. budget can […]

The Taliban Gave Their Word to the UN, So That’s That

It looks like the United States isn’t the only one being naïve. The United Nations are willing to believe what the Taliban tells them, too. The United Nations has explained that they have received pledges from the Taliban to protect humanitarian aid workers who are operating inside of Afghanistan to ensure that Afghans are getting […]

People Arm Up as the U.S. Goes to Hell in a Hand Basket

The liberals would love to live in an ignorant bubble where only Republicans are buying guns. However, the new statistics show that Americans across the board are buying guns. But, why? It can’t be that people are scared of what the future looks like under the Biden administration, can it? Crime is rising in a […]

Biden Having a Negative Effect on Veterans

Men and women that have been in combat pay a price that only recently is beginning to be understood. PTSD is an actual condition that affects thousands of heroes every year. Many of them have trouble functioning in society when things get loud or tense around them. And when Joe Biden turned his backs on […]

Pelosi Shuts the House Down Instead of Allowing Killed Soldiers’ Names to Be Read Aloud

It’s hard to hear the truth out loud. It’s hard to hear that your party failed so epically in Afghanistan. It’s particularly hard to know that your administration was directly responsible for the death of 13 servicemembers. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to own up to the truth. She most certainly doesn’t want to hear about […]

Don’t Hold Your Breath! Will Pelosi Start Hearings About the Afghanistan Disaster?

Anyone who thought that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was going to start impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden has lost their minds. She’ll make any excuse that she has to for him. The mere thought of impeachment hearings for President Joe Biden probably makes her break out in hives. Yes, five Republican House members are at her […]

Sex Sells: Pinups for Vets Debuts Latest Calendar for Fundraising Efforts

As much as the liberals look to get rid of anything that adds even a hint of diversity into the world, there’s one thing that they cannot deny: sex sells. Each and every year, fundraising efforts commence to help various organizations. Although there are many people looking to put men and women on the same […]

Our Standing in the World? UK Refuses to Enter Any NEW Military Engagements With Spineless US

British politician and Brexit leader Nigel Farage spoke to Carl Higbie recently. The two had an interesting conversation on the Kelly Report on Monday and it is well worth watching. The failures that are taking place in Afghanistan are historic and they need to be laid at the feet of Joe Biden. The US exit […]

Biden’s Flag Orders Defied Because Old Glory Needs to Be Flown High

President Biden decided that as a “mark of respect,” that the U.S. service members that were killed in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 26th would be honored by the flag being flown at half-staff until sunset on August 30. He’s got some nerve. The entire reason that those service members were killed was because of how […]

International Leaders Finally Seeing Biden for the Buffoon He Is

Americans may not be happy at the appalling turn of events in Afghanistan, but we’re at least not alone in our consternation. Joining conservatives on team “what on earth were you people thinking” are our British friends who haven’t taken to kindly to the humanitarian crisis growing by the day, thanks to President Joe Biden’s […]

Illinois Might as Well Strip Citizens of All Rights…Especially Teachers

Freedom. It seems to be taken away more and more. We’re dealing with mandates that take away our right to choose. It’s happening when it comes to mask-wearing, getting vaccinated, and more. Illinois seems to be fine with stripping its citizens of more and more rights. Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that there will be a […]

Military Mandated to Receive Vaccine or Take Off the Uniform…Immediately, and Without Question

When a civilian makes the choice to serve their country they raise their right hand and take an oath to willfully surrender many of their future choices. They agree to go where they are told, to do what is commanded of them, and to never question their higher authority, via the threat of a dishonorable […]

ATF to Alter the Basic Definition of ‘Firearm’

I’m sure you know by now that the Biden Administration and political left are doing everything in their power to implement new gun control laws. In truth, they’ve been trying for years, managing to get a minimal new measure put in place every so often. But clearly, nothing they’ve done so far is really working. […]

The Taliban Has Drawn a Red Line for Biden…What Does That Mean?

President Biden has proven that he knows nothing about international relations. He’s expecting the Taliban to make good on their word of letting us get all Americans out without getting hurt. The Taliban has gone around the country and collected all of our weapons. They’re actually using our weapons against us. We’ve abandoned thousands of […]

Hackers Reveal Horrid Atrocities at Iran’s Notorious Evin Prison…”Even the Guards Beat Each Other Up.”

There’s a notorious prison in Iran called Evin. No visitors or media are allowed into the penitentiary that houses mostly political prisoners and foreigners who are being held as bargaining chips, yet in actuality have committed no crimes. Journalists make up the majority of them. The assumed horridness of the conditions in which these prisoners […]

New York’s New Governor is a Fan of Going Maskless…This Should Be Interesting

There’s nothing better than the way in which the Democrats are hypocritical. The proof is within New York’s new governor, Kathy Hochul. Hochul is Cuomo’s replacement, and she’s kicking things off in an interesting turn of events. Although the state has a statewide mask mandate in the schools, that apparently doesn’t apply to everyone. Lt. […]

Neuroscientist Exposes Why Vaccines Don’t Work to Achieve Herd Immunity

If you remember back to when COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic was first found in America and people began discussing how to handle it, the term ‘herd immunity’ might come to mind. It was discussed much in those recent days, as it is, after all, the main goal here, to achieve a population that is […]

COVID Booster to be Pushed on Everyone, the White House Announces…

When the COVID-19 vaccines were first announced, most of us probably assumed it was a good thing. I mean, life could return to normal again, right? With a supposedly viable vaccine available, people who wanted to be protected from the novel virus could find comfort. Case and death rates would drop, masks and ridiculous mandates […]

Biden Takes Cover as Terrorists Take Over Allied Country

Joe Biden does not think through his decisions before making them. He removed the safeguards at the southern border without thinking of what it will do to the country. And he certainly did not consider what will happen to the country when he forced his trojan horse infrastructure bill on everyone. The trouble he created […]

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