Gun Violence Continues to Rise as Democrats Seek to Eliminate the Second Amendment

The Democrats love the events unfolding across the country. First, there were tragic shootings in Texas at the elementary school where an 18-year-old murdered 19 kids and two of their teachers. And now, there is the man that walked into a medical facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma and murdered four innocent people.

The liberals love these kinds of tragedies because it gives them a platform to launch their anti-American attacks to tear down the freedoms that law-abiding citizens have had for hundreds of years.

The Democrats have long sought to abolish the Second Amendment. Every time there is a mass murder, they all come out of their holes, spouting gun reform and demanding that people turn over their guns to the government.

They foolishly think that by people turning their guns over to them, there will be peace in the streets. But the truth is that they need an unarmed public to do whatever they want to them without having to worry about being shot for abusing the people.

Republicans push back by showing that gun control is not the answer. For decades, liberals have been telling people that there is no purpose in life. That kind of teaching takes away a person’s hope in life and leads them to believe that they must end their life in a blaze of glory. The root of the problem is not the gun but the heart and hand that holds the weapon.

Eric Dalgleish is the Deputy Police Chief for Tulsa. Oklahoma. He said that “It appears both weapons at one point or another were fired on the scene. The officers who arrived were hearing shots in the building, and that’s what led them to the second floor.”

The police arrived on the scene moments after the initial report was made that a shooter was present. The Deputy of Police was proud of how the officers responded to the call. And many look at what happened in Texas and wonder why it took police over an hour to engage and get moving on the scene.

Newsbreak reported that “St. Francis Health System locked down its campus Wednesday afternoon because of the situation at the Natalie Medical Building. The Natalie building houses an outpatient surgery center and a breast health center. Dalgleish said an orthopedic clinic also is located on the second floor where officers discovered the shooter and several victims.”

The entire place was in chaos as people tried to dodge their way to safety. The men and women who work at the health facility give their lives to help other people.

The Democrats would never praise the heroic efforts of people in the workforce. They are more interested in politicizing the issue and making speeches about how evil guns are.

The liberals are pro-criminal and will never admit that the person has a problem. They forget that the gun is not the problem. It is the person holding the weapon that is the problem. During the pandemic, the Democrats fought to release criminals from prison. And it was then that the world saw how corrupt and anti-American the party had become.

Patients and visitors in the healthcare facility were told to take cover. Many people fled into patient rooms and locked the doors. Innocent bystanders were left wondering what was happening and when the horrors would end.

The usual response from others would be to help. But the Democrats could see another opportunity to push for more control and attack the Second Amendment.

Gun violence continues to take place all over the world. It seems to happen more in America because of its attention after the liberal media makes a big issue out of it.

The Democrats push the media to report on every shooting because they hope that the pressure will force Americans to demand gun control laws. The Republicans know and prove that removing guns from the public will only make matters worse for freedom.

Guns must be left in the hands of the people to keep evil from taking away the freedoms that so many have died to protect.