NFL Great and Trump Supporter Leads GOP Field in GA Senate Race

Mary A Lupo /
With what will likely be one of the most controversial and talked about midterm elections to date coming up in about another year, everyone is taking bets on who will be the one to flip the US Senate back to a Republican majority. And if Herschel Walker has anything to say about it, it will […]

California’s Governor Signs Bill Mandating Gender Neutral Toys

Billion Photos/
The Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, just signed a new law into effect on Saturday that mandates many large retail stores to offer toys in gender-neutral sections of their inventory. This is a move to encourage children to consider toys that do not take into account gender stereotypes. The new bill affects retail department […]

States Take the Lead To Protect Nation From Invasion With Big Plan

Mission, Texas was the gathering site for ten Republican governors who have set out on a mission to protect the country from the open border policy that Joe Biden seems to have left in place. The governors revealed their plans to put a stop to the border crisis. They have reasoned well that the president […]

California Socialism Pushing Elon Musk Out of the State

Nick_ Raille_07 /
The state of California has all but turned into a liberal’s paradise. The socialist rules and regulations are exactly what they want to have governing them. But, the vast majority of the people do not want to live under the rule of a few maniacs on power trips. The problem they face is that the […]

Judge Playing God Allows for the Murder of the Unborn

Gustavo Pantano /
The state of Texas collectively took a stand to preserve life across the state. The new law was signed by Governor Greg Abbott, which prevents any baby from being aborted once the heartbeat is detected. The law was praised as being a means to protect the unborn from the clutches of bloodthirsty Democrats. But now, […]

School Board Member Finds Out She Is Not Immune to Accountability

Parents are sick and tired of going to war with the liberal school boards around the country. They are tired of attending board meetings and having their concerns ignored by many liberals drunk with power and who think they can raise kids better than any parent. School kids are abused by liberals every day, and […]

Fauci in Tears Because He Cannot Keep Christmas From Coming So Now the CDC Is Trying To Help Him Out

bear_productions /
The Grinch is back, and this time he wants to cancel Christmas because the COVID-19 virus is still lurking on the horizon. Dr. Anthony Fauci is the little green man that wants to cancel Christmas for 2021. The small man acts like he is the final authority related to what holidays people can gather together […]

McConnell Challenges Democrats to Stop Looking for a Shortcut and Get Back to Partisan Hardball

Christopher Halloran /
Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader from Kentucky, made some remarks from the Senate floor on Monday. He pushed back against the idea that Republicans are to blame for the current state of gridlock in the nation’s capital. Senator McConnell said, “Democrats could not be more capable of handling this on their own. […]

Killer Once Secured by Military Is Released and Kills Innocent People
Joe Biden and his botched-up administration have turned their backs on the American people. His actions have led to the death of countless people who thought he could do the right thing and support them as they serve their country. But, when the time came for him to protect Americans trying to get out of […]

Gender Identity Under Protection by Teachers Helping Deceitful Kids Rebel Against Parents

Teachers were once people who had a passion for helping educate kids, and they would seek to develop professional relationships with them and desire to be a part of their lives. But that desire has turned into a lust for power and control as many teachers indoctrinate young people with the liberal poison destroying society. […]

Democrats Accuse Each Other of Massive Betrayal of American Citizens

The Democratic Party is on the verge of self-implosion as they fight about which group gets the blame for leaving innocent Americans behind in Afghanistan. Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin started the fight when he placed blame after being questioned by Congress. He pointed out that Americans, people with green cards and visas, were purposefully […]

Young Slovenian Girl’s Suspected J&J Vaccine Death Has Protestors Pouring Into the Streets

Slovenians take their freedoms seriously. The small mountainous nation in Central Europe has a population of less than one-third of New York City and they’re highly objectionable to outside authority meddling in their affairs. Now, for perhaps the first time ever, they’re objectionable to their own government trying to meddle in their private lives. Chanting […]

The True Cost of Biden’s Agenda is the Stuff of Nightmares

According to Democratic President Joe Biden, his “Build Back Better” plan will be the saving grace of the nation. Not only will it supposedly allow for better infrastructure throughout the whole of the U.S., but it will also give America’s economy a much-needed boost. And if you believe the poll results being shown on mainstream […]

NY Governor Says Unvaxxed Christians Aren’t Listening to God

When it comes to religion, the fields of science and medicine have long been misunderstood or deemed as outright paganistic, particularly when that science or medical discovery runs contrary to what society believes to be true. Take Pythagoras, when he suggested the Earth was round and not flat, for example. Or even Columbus and Magellan, […]

Federal Judge Rules Failed Reagan Assassin John Hinckley Is Now a Free Man

John Warnock Hinckley Jr., 66, shot former U.S. President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981, along with a police officer, a Secret Service agent, and former Press Secretary James Brady. Reagan was wounded, as were the officers, and Brady was left paralyzed. Hinckley’s choice of weapon was a small .22 caliber revolver, and he was […]

Border Agents Under Attack by Biden but Greg Abbott Is on Their Side

Joe Biden is no longer hiding his true feelings regarding law enforcement. His relentless party hates all accountability to the law because they are saturated with corruption and illegal ventures. The Democrats make it their point to limit and defund the police not to do their job the way they need to keep people safe. […]

Another Dem Says It’s Time for Feinstein to Retire

If you know anything about California Senator Diane Feinstein, it’s likely that she’s been around for pretty much forever. I mean, she is the oldest current lawmaker in Washington, a ripe old 88-years-old. As such, there have been numerous calls over the years for her to retire. And many point to her as a prime […]

San Fran Mayor Caught in Gross Hypocrisy

In our post-pandemic world, mandates, unfortunately, remain a reality for far too many places. However, none seem to be quite as bad as London Breed’s San Francisco. As mayor of the Golden Gate City, she has made sure that masks are worn by all, regardless of vaccination status, where you are, or what you are […]

Texans Band Together As Landowners Make Building the Fence Real Easy for Governor Abbott

Illegal immigration was not much of a problem once Donald Trump secured the border by instituting the “Remain in Mexico” program. He made it so all people wanting access to America would have to appear in court to plead their asylum case before an immigration judge. The illegals’ problem with the regulations was that they […]

Biden Stands by Traitor As Chinese Cheer Him On

Joe Biden has now stooped to a new all-time low against Americans as he has announced his support to known traitors. Mark Milley has been found secretly conspiring with Chinese General Li Zuocheng. Milley was found to be making secret calls to the communist military man providing him with information about American intentions when dealing […]

Hidden Videos Reveal Louisiana State Troopers Have Been Beating the Crap Out of Motorists for Decades

Immediately following the fiasco surrounding the death of George Floyd, previously unreported incidences of police abuse began to surface from around the country. The purported victims all say it would have been their word against the cops who tossed them around like a beanbag, so why fight a losing battle and risk making the situation […]

Biden’s Connections to Racism Have Deeper Ties Than We Thought

As you well know, Democrats have purported themselves as the party of minorities for some time now, claiming that they alone hold the interests of those formerly and still oppressed close to their hearts. And Joe Biden, as one of the nation’s most well-known Democrats, has undoubtedly tried to assert this as truth. However, it […]

Salon’s Head Writer Launches Into Satanic Tirade…Texas Abortion Laws Violate Their Right to use Fetuses in Rituals

Amanda Marcotte is the head political writer for the liberal rag, Salon. Hailing from the great state of Texas, Marcotte is also an active blogger, a full-speed-ahead feminist, and a fervent pro-abortion activist. In defense of her arguments against her home state’s new restrictive abortion laws, Marcotte has turned to the one guy she knows […]

N. Korea Deploys Military to Farms To Kill Food Thieves on Sight as Starvation Deaths Rise

While North Korea is boasting about just having test-fired their first long-range missile, the citizens of the country are starving. After a couple of years of droughts coupled with Kim Jong Un piling up his massive dinner plate, there’s nary enough food to go around. This makes the chubby little man with a bad haircut […]

1619 Project Creator Refuses to Teach What in Her New School?

There’s little doubt in my mind that by now, you’ve most likely heard of the now infamous 1619 Project created by Nikole Hannah-Jones and sponsored by The New York Times. This is even more likely should you have school-age children or are involved in educational programming in the United States. As you will remember, the […]

Teacher Who Rejected American Flag Gets a Patriotic Visit from the Community

In recent months and weeks, we have heard a lot about teachers and schools pushing things on our kids that we may or may not agree with. While the most talked-about issue is undoubtedly about wearing facial masks, another massive problem right now is that some schools or teachers believe it’s suddenly ok to begin […]

Biden Wants to Forego Vetting Altogether to Turn Afghans into Citizens Fast

We’ve already been warned by other countries that some of the Afghans looking to enter as refugees are not as they appear. They are part of the Taliban or ISIS-K. It’s why it’s critical to vet each and every person that we allow into our country. Safety is critical. Without putting safety first, we risk […]

Liberal Media Wants People To Think That Life Ends When Pandemic Benefits Expire

The Liberals have decided that it is best to keep all Americans guessing about the truth behind their selfish agenda. Joe Biden provides his worthless speeches that Jen Psaki has to interpret. The mainstream media passes along fake news stories and confusing headlines about events around the world. And the country is left wonder what […]

Could Cuomo’s Groping Be Caught on Camera?

Andrew Cuomo thinks that resigning as governor will make all of his problems go away. That’s not exactly true. He wants to deny all of the sexual allegations that have come his way. Yet, we may be able to learn what really happened by seeing it all on camera. Surveillance videos have been subpoenaed along […]

Dems Get Desperate to Pay for Their Wish Lists…and Americans Will Pay for It All

The Democrats of the Senate are getting desperate for ways to pay for their $3.5 trillion budget resolution. It’s an expensive resolution – but that’s because it’s filled with all of their liberal wish lists. As it stands right now, there’s no way to pay for it. It’s not something that the U.S. budget can […]

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