Salon’s Head Writer Launches Into Satanic Tirade…Texas Abortion Laws Violate Their Right to use Fetuses in Rituals

Amanda Marcotte is the head political writer for the liberal rag, Salon. Hailing from the great state of Texas, Marcotte is also an active blogger, a full-speed-ahead feminist, and a fervent pro-abortion activist. In defense of her arguments against her home state’s new restrictive abortion laws, Marcotte has turned to the one guy she knows will stand fiercely by her side as she calls out the conservative law-writers. Satan.

Marcotte’s most recent article in Salon is titled, “The Satanists are right: Texas abortion ban is a direct attack on freedom of religion.”

She said that just because conservative Christians view abortion as murder doesn’t mean they have the right to forcibly impose their beliefs on others. Marcotte said that to Satanists “abortion is one of their sacred rituals, making the ban a major imposition on their free expression of religion.” She also said there’s a misnomer concerning the Satanic Temple and that it “does not literally worship Satan.” Using fetuses for ritualistic purposes kinda says differently.

“The anti-choice movement is just one part of a larger effort by Christian fundamentalists to covertly turn the U.S. into a more theocratic state. Conservatives go to great lengths to hide how much being anti-abortion is about forcing all Americans to live by the religious tenets of the white evangelical minority,” she wrote.

Marcotte believes the Texas lawmakers are in the habitual habit of lying about science to keep it from moving forward. She said they’ve been fibbing to us for 50 years. “In 1973, scientists understood perfectly well how embryonic development worker and that understanding hasn’t meaningfully changed since then.”

She also said that banning abortions at six weeks on the premise of detecting a fetal heartbeat is a bogus excuse. Based on science, what they are hearing is not a heartbeat but rather “a grouping of cells that are initiating some electrical activity.” There is no baby. However, scientists also view any type of electrical impulse as life.

Marcotte claims, “lies about ‘science’ are common among [sic] anti-choicers.” To back her claim she referenced pro-abortion activists/scientists, Nicole M. Baran, Jane Zelikova, and Gretchen Goldberg. But, she fails to mention how all three work within the field of environmental sciences and have no experience with human biology or embryology.

She had to settle for these three because she couldn’t find a reputable source in the correct field of science who was willing to confirm her bogus claim. Why? Because 95% of biologists, both conservative and liberal, prefer scientific truths and they all at least agree on one thing. Life begins at conception. Call it whatever you want to, but it’s a life, heartbeat or not.

To add to her conspiratorial dialogue, Marcotte said it’s only “a small and shrinking group of hard-right white evangelicals who wish to foist their religious views on the majority.” This isn’t true either, at least not in Texas where 47% of voters, regardless of their party affiliation, support the new law. Of the same voters, 55% think six weeks is plenty of time for a woman to decide how she wishes to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

Contrary to Marcotte’s ridiculously flawed article, it’s a much smaller minority of hard-left activists who are creating the foul stench. And it was she who turned the law into a battle of religions by calling on her lord and savior El Diablo, most commonly referred to as Satan.

Further displaying her need to up her medication, Marcotte launches into a barely translatable tirade of hallucinogenic magnitude.

“The anti-abortion movement cannot be meaningfully separated from this theocratic movement of white evangelicals, or, for that matter, from white supremacy. It’s all one big bundle of intertwined ideas, and all the same people pushing it. These are folks resolutely opposed to a multiracial democracy, and instead [sic] have a vision of the U.S. as a white supremacist state where their far-right religious views shape the laws that everyone has to live by. And despite the fact that Ten Commandments explicitly forbid bearing false witness, these theocrats lie and lie and lie — about science, about the law, about their intentions — because they know full well that their mission is anti-democratic and violates the constitutional precepts about freedom of religion.”

Huh??? Here’s the deal. We need some help. What the hell did she just say? We beg of you, please tell us.

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