Texans Band Together As Landowners Make Building the Fence Real Easy for Governor Abbott

Illegal immigration was not much of a problem once Donald Trump secured the border by instituting the “Remain in Mexico” program. He made it so all people wanting access to America would have to appear in court to plead their asylum case before an immigration judge. The illegals’ problem with the regulations was that they were not truthful about the need for asylum, and they had no intention of appearing in court.

The number of illegals trying to cross the border fell off dramatically as the program ramped up. The Democrats tried to make it appear abusive but failed to prove their case to the people.

Trump also started to construct a massive security barrier to keep those foolish enough to try and cross from being able to enter without being detected. The liberals fought him every step of the way, but he was able to build hundreds of miles of the border wall in the end.

But now that Joe Biden is in the White House, the illegal crossings have jumped to new records. His administration refuses to address the problem, and Kamala Harris won’t even travel to the border and acknowledge an issue. She is living the lie that her boss cannot do anything wrong, and he has all the answers. Or at least those controlling the old man have the answers.

But for those who live along the border, life is a very different reality than those in Washington D.C. They are the ones that have to put up with the nasty caravans of people sweeping through their towns and yards. Kids cannot be outside alone because the threat level is too high for them.

Governor Greg Abbott is determined to do something about the problem. He told the world that Texas was going to finish the wall that Donald Trump started. He announced that the Lone Star State would protect the country from the southern invaders.

The process of funding the project was pretty simple since so many people were on board with securing the border. When Trump built the wall, the liberals found every way to fight him, which even meant slowing him down through land fights. But now that people have seen what Biden all is about, they are willing to do more to protect their country.

Joe Biden is watching in horror as 123 homeowners agreed with the state to let them build a new fence along their property lines. This particular section of the wall is an 8-foot-tall metal fence with barbed wire at the top. The people are tired of having their homes overrun by a relentless enemy.

Abbott noted that 82 different owners had signed an agreement with the state’s military department to let them come on and build the fence that would help enhance the wall and other existing barriers.

The border along Texas and Mexico is largely unprotected. The border is over 1,250 miles long, and only 150 miles of it had any practical barriers. But now that these landowners are helping, the unprotected sections are going to be enhanced and protected. The area in question is called the Del Rio region. It is a part of Texas that is pretty remote, and it is a part of the overall border that sees a third of the total of illegal immigration coming into America. Hundreds of thousands of illegals try and cross this section of the border each month.

Abbott’s administration has been working overtime to get this project moving. These landowners have given him a massive boost since he will not be bogged down in court cases. And now that the land has been secured, the contract to build the wall and fence lines will be handed out soon.

The residents who are helping are making it easy for Abbott to protect the country. The state will not have enacted any eminent domain cases. These families have seen the devastation coming across the border because of Joe Biden, and they want it to stop. The wall that Abbott is finishing in Trump’s name will protect the families that call this part of the country home.

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