Biden’s Band of Lunatics Wants to Ban Police Foot Chases

Chicago police are about to have a much tougher job on their hands if the protesters in their city are able to have their way about it. Of all the insane proposals that have been offered up so far, this one might be the craziest of all. The first time that we heard about this […]

Why the Biden Admin Does Not Want to End Lockdowns – Ever

The reopening process is more laborious than ever because of the far left. They cannot fathom any risk level whatsoever and they stand in the way of any plans to return to normalcy. The greater good does not matter to them at all. They are all about themselves. The Atlantic has a recent piece about […]

Collusion Anyone? Tucker Carlson Reports Kevin McCarthy and Big Techs Frank Luntz Are Roommates

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is used to dropping bombshells and he had one heck of a report to offer up recently. His latest revelation is an absolute doozy. Big Tech fanboys should probably close the page now and spare themselves the embarrassment. Carlson’s latest revelation? He told the world that GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy […]

More Biden Sponsored Violence! Sikh Father Brutally Attacked by Black Man With Hammer Because He’s Indian

A Sikh man was viciously attacked with a hammer in a brutal attack at a Brooklyn hotel. We thought that hate crimes were a major problem for the Biden administration but as it turns out? They are only bad when they are perpetrated by white people, so that the Biden team can shake their heads […]

Decades of Biden in Congress Come Back to Bite Him

When the country is a mess, it’s important to look at who is in charge – and who has had the power to create change for decades. In this instance, the answer is Joe Biden for both. His inefficiencies as a Senator and a Vice President are coming back to bite him now that he […]

Did They Miss the Science? Oregon Doubles Down on Stupid, Declares State of Emergency

As the pandemic wanes and more states look to restore some small measure of normalcy, there is some unique thinking taking place. It is time to start thinking outside of the usual boxes for a lot of locations. In eastern Oregon, Baker City residents and business owners have grown weary of the lockdowns. Governor Kate […]

Equal Justice Under the Law! How Biden Ends the Pillar of American Justice to Go After Trump’s Allies

Rudy Giuliani had a chance to investigate the widespread corruption taking place in the Biden family. Instead of doing the right thing, Rudy decided to turn the whole thing into a personal crusade that was designed to benefit himself. Now, he finds himself under investigation. By all accounts, things are getting very serious and he’s […]

The Left’s Banana Republic! FBI Caught Redhanded Spying on Americans Without Warrant or Justification

Court-ordered FISA warrants are required any time American citizens are being spied on. These rules do not seem to apply anymore, now that the left feels as if they do not need to follow the rules. The FBI decided to sidestep the FISA courts here, setting a terrible precedent. They examined NSA communications, in hopes […]

Biden’s COVID Plan! Send 60 Million Doses to Foreign Countries While More Than 500 Americans Still Die Every Day

Now that America is sitting on tens of millions of doses that cannot be used, it is time for a real assessment of our foreign policy. India is currently in the midst of a horrific outbreak. If the US had allowed this to continue without being prepared to offer up some assistance, it would have […]

World Leaders Embarrass Idiotic Biden Wearing Mask During Video Conference

Team Trump’s rapid response chief Andrew Clark had a quip once that is still running through our heads. He gently mocked Biden on Twitter for claiming that science has made a comeback, while also continuing to wear a mask in situations that don’t quite call for one. For example, who wears a mask on a […]

Democrats Feel Every Child Needs a Trophy and Put on the Same Level as Each Other

The Democrats wrongly believe that every child needs to have a trophy handed to them even if they fail. They have bought into the notion that every child needs to have the same experiences in life that all others have. Except that every child is not the same. And giving a child a trophy when […]

Wow! Even Democrats Can’t Stand Biden’s Treatment of Law Abiding Citizens

Senator Liz Warren has taken notice of the horrific treatment that is being provided to those who were on hand at the Capitol on January 6. As you would have expected, there are many who are silent and afraid. However, this group does not include the same people that you would have thought. There are […]

The Swamp Is Back! Biden Promotes Energy Company Owned by His Energy Secretary

Old Sleepy Joe is in the process of promoting an energy company called Proterra. This should not be a big deal under most circumstances but there is a major catch here. He wants to sell the United States on the infrastructure package that he has come up with. Of course, Biden cannot handle a plan […]

Biden’s Army of Thugs Openly Calls for Hunting Down George Zimmerman and Assassinate Him

Now that the Derek Chauvin verdict has come down, you would like to think that the far left would be calming down a bit. Black Lives Matter activists on Twitter are never going to rest, though. It does not matter what takes place. They are always going to find something to complain about, no matter […]

The Results Are in! Stanford Study Finds Masks Are Ineffective and Cause Health Issues and Premature Death

A recent Stanford study that was released by the NCBI proves that the mask hysteria has been all for naught. The NCBI is under the National Institutes of Health. So why isn’t this story a bigger deal at the moment? We would like to know, as well. We have had mask mandates thrown at us […]

Biden’s Hate for America on Display! Biden’s UN Ambassador Declares America Is a Racist Country Worse Than China’s Genocide of Uyghurs

Joe Biden’s UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield is doubling down on her latest batch of anti-America rhetoric and we wish that we were even a little bit surprised by that. She made an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation over the weekend, where the nonsense was spouted once more. “White supremacy is weaved into our founding […]

Democrats Bare All as They Reveal Their Horrible Court Plan

There are many chiefs in the Democratic Party and not any one person who is willing to work with others to do things the legal way. The House Democrats think they can spend money without support from the Senate. And the Senate believes they can pass things without the support of the president. Instead of […]

Siege on Supreme Court Begins as Democrats Introduce Packing Bill

Greed is the trademark of the Democratic Party. They love power and will do anything to get more of it. And if that means destroying the foundational laws of America, they are willing to take those steps. They cannot help themselves because they are driven by their greed and lust for things that they cannot […]

Democrats Fail to Learn From Past Mistakes as They Call for Police Distraction

Rashida Tlaib is back in the news calling for the destruction of law enforcement in America. Her promotion of anti-law enforcement is the desire of the Democratic Party to do away with all the police officers and prisons. This belief fits very well with how the liberals have systematically released prisoners from prison without any […]

Senator Warnock Learns He Has to Read the Law Before Condemning It

Senator Warnock was not anyone’s first choice of a Georgia Senator. Yet, that’s who the state voted for – and now residents are learning that they are stuck with his bad decisions. When Georgia released its new voting law, there were a lot of harsh reviews. The problem is that a lot of those reviews […]

Biden in Tears as Iowa Rejects His Plea to House Illegals

Poor Joe Biden is crying now that his effort to flood America with illegal kids is being rejected by more people that are tired of being abused by his withered hand. Biden is trying to force governors to accept thousands of kids from south of the border and place them in facilities that are quickly […]

When the Truth Is Just Too Painful! Buttigieg Admits He’s Been Lying to the American People About Jobs Created (Video)

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg loves a good lie and he has been telling a lot of them lately. On Sunday, he finally admitted to his biggest, latest lie. All of those jobs that he claimed would be created by the Joe Biden infrastructure bill? As it turns out, these were flat-out lies, plain and simple. […]

Arizona’s Plans to Stop Biden’s Gun Control

By now, you’ve likely heard all about President Joe Biden’s plans to take away our firearms and Second Amendment rights. He and others like him have been pushing for increased gun control for decades now. It seems that with every election, there is at least one liberal Democrat who pushes the envelope on our right […]

Didn’t We Know It? Samantha Bee Admits She’s a Democrat Activist Playing a Comedian on Tv

Samantha Bee is finally saying the quiet part loud. Like so many liberals, she is taking a break from her faux activism because she no longer cares. Apparently, all of the ills of the world have been addressed because the mean old orange man is not president anymore. At least she’s being honest. It’s not […]

Biden’s Rampant Racism Rising to the Sky! United Announces Pilots Will Now Be Selected Based on Their Identity Not Their Qualifications

United Airlines has decided that it is time to throw their hats into the woke ring and it’s getting pretty ridiculous. They condemned the new Georgia voter registration laws but then they turned around and did this! United is now getting rid of the normal hiring process and they are going to make all of […]

Supreme Leader Biden Redefines the Constitution! if You Obey His Ridiculous COVID BS You May Have the Freedom to Celebrate 4th of July

When Biden delivered a set of prepared remarks from the White House, we knew that he was going to continue to peddle fear to the American people. COVID-19 has too high of a survival rate for him to be carrying on like this. We are beyond tired of it. “The virus is spreading because we […]

Rampant Racism Among Biden’s Supporters Ignored by the Left

The true patriots of America are getting the short end of the stick these days. Those who love America and our way of life are under attack on a constant basis. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are no longer a guarantee for the average American. The woke crowd is making sure of it. […]

Lying Biden! White House Stays Firm on Their Lies About Georgia Voter Law – Even After Receiving Dozens of Pinocchios

This story might have gotten lost in the shuffle over the weekend but its still a very important one. Biden has been doing a lot of lying since he became president and the Georgia bill might be his magnum opus. He is claiming that the bill is a form of voter suppression. Even Jen Psaki […]

With Weak Biden Posing No Threat China Moves to End Democracy in Hong Kong

Most of the news that comes out of Hong Kong these days is not good and this story is no different. We wish that things could change but with Biden at the helm? We are not about to hold our breath. Now that China is issuing more mandates about Hong Kong elections, it is clear […]

Harris to Take Care of Border Problem? Big Mistake, Big, Huge.

Often, we don’t know where a VP sits on many important issues. They become a package deal with the president, so it’s assumed that they have similar views. With Kamala Harris, we know exactly where she stands on certain issues. Since she ran in the presidential primaries alongside Joe Biden, it was clearly highlighted where […]

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