Gun Confiscation is Already Happening in One Liberal State

The recent shootings around the country have been like candy to the Democratic Party. Joe Biden and his liberal followers have not even taken the time to convey their condolences to any families. All they have done is pushed their anti-American agenda for more gun control laws. There is no other option in their sick […]

NY Puts an End to Amazon’s Nazi Bathroom Policies

Amazon has a number of productivity measures that keep employees working long, hard hours for the duration of their shift. These metrics are not always shared with employees, despite employees being dinged if they mess up the various metrics. The way that Amazon keeps its employees moving has led to a number of accidents. In […]

Biden Brags About His “Low” 2022 Deficit

By now, you all know that Biden has a penchant for stretching the truth or, in some cases, just making things up. Remember when he said he was arrested with Nelson Mandela in South Africa? Yeah, it didn’t happen… Biden did, in fact, go to South Africa as a U.S. Senator once. And yes, it […]

Biden’s Ignorance Is On Full Display

All Americans are left scratching their heads again after Biden makes statements that contradict each other. The old man claimed that gun control would eliminate the Second Amendment. And just a few moments later, Biden decided to mention what freedoms Americans need to lose. The Democrats have wanted to make it illegal for Americans to […]

Think COVID is Over? Tell That to the Biden Administration

When’s the last time you heard someone say that they got COVID? How often do you hear about people being admitted to the hospital over COVID, especially if they’ve been vaccinated? The reality is that the COVID-19 pandemic is waning. Yet, the Biden administration hates to hear that because they are losing control. People are […]

Is Soda Tax Just Another Tax on the Poor?

The soda tax is a concept that’s been around for quite a few years now. It’s sometimes known as a “sin tax” because it is designed to discourage the purchase of soda. When people drink too many sugary drinks, it can lead to countless healthcare problems. As such, some cities and states have tried to […]

Schools Must Comply with Pro-Trans Policies…or Else

The Biden administration has really done it this time. They want every public school to comply with pro-trans policies – or they won’t receive the federal funding that they desperately need to stay operational. The pro-trans policies are hard to accept. It involves allowing boys into the girls’ restrooms simply because they “identify” as a […]

Hourly Employees Suffer Major Loss as They Fill Up for the Week

The American driver is suffering under the hand of a liberal tyrant that wants to set himself up as an evil dictator. Joe Biden claims that he wants to help the standard of living for all people but continues to help inflation rise and the price at the pump to soar. The betrayal by Biden […]

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Clears the Air About the Uvalde Gunman

Nothing ever goes down as we perceive it did. There’s always more to the story that certain types of people will dig and scratch to find. They’re performing a community service by revealing the truth we mere mortals haven’t the ability to see. Some call those things conspiracy theories, but we refer to them as […]

Plummeting Sales of New Homes Point to the R-Word…Recession

You won’t hear anyone from the White House administration using the “R” word. They’d prefer to stay in denial about a recession. But it is getting increasingly difficult to dance around that word in light of the recent information regarding single-family home sales in America. The sales of new homes plummeted last month at the […]

Sexualitree: The New Liberal Teaching Tool You Don’t Want in Your Child’s Classroom

We keep seeing how the liberals want to ruin the minds of school-aged children. They want to teach five and six-year-old kids about gender identity and sexual awareness. Try as we might, it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to learn about the tools being introduced in the classroom. And now, it’s about to get worse… There’s […]

Putin Faces Imminent Financial Default on Billions of Debt

There is increasing pressure raining down on Russia from the United States economically. America is pushing the nation to the edge of a historic debt default this week by refusing to extend its license to pay bondholders. This comes as Washington is seeking to increase more and more pressure on Putin after he invaded Ukraine. […]

Mexico Is Sending a Clear Message…”No More Ukrainians”

Mexico got a dose of its own medicine. For years, and still, the Mexican government has had nary a problem with allowing untold hordes of sweaty immigrants to hike through their country en route to the U.S. as long as they kept walking. They’ve done nada to dissuade them. But every now and then what […]

Musk Issues Ingenious Challenge to Accuser

We’ve all heard quite a lot about billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk in recent days, thanks to his purchase and deal that would give him ownership of social media giant Twitter. Now, as you well know, the acquisition usually wouldn’t be all that big of a deal. But because Musk has proclaimed himself as […]

Obamacare Threatens To Nuke Democrat’s Midterm Dreams

Midterm elections are always an interesting time for politics in the US. While many casual voters tend to ignore these elections because a President isn’t being chosen, anyone who knows their government or anyone who cares knows the midterm elections are the ones to closely watch. The number of changes in offices and the way […]

WHO to Create New UN-Style Super Government…

The basic idea of the World Health Organization, much like the United Nations, isn’t at all a terrible one. On the contrary, having the nations of the world come together in an effort to maintain peace, prosperity, and, in the case of the WHO, health is at least, in theory, a good idea. And those […]

Federal Judge Uses $10 Million Sanction To Prove Crypto Is Not Anonymous

The more time that goes by with cryptocurrency, the more firsts we encounter. This latest first is in the case of the unnamed man. In this case, the Justice Department is alleging they used crypto assets to evade sanctions with a sanctioned country. Unfortunately for this individual, the judge, in this case, does not believe […]

General Flynn is “Going After These People”

Before 2017, most of us had never heard the name Lt. General Michael Flynn before. And if we had, it was only because we were quite in the know about the upper echelon of U.S. military leadership. But in 2017, Flynn was appointed as newly elected President Donald Trump’s national security advisor. However, that’s not […]

Audit Reveals Half of Biden’s Followers are Fake

Ever heard of “spam bots?” For those of you less technologically savvy, these are basically fake accounts. And social media is riddled with them, with some platforms being more affected than others. Take Twitter, for example. According to a recent quarterly filing made in early May, it is estimated that some five percent or less […]

Texas Takes Steps to Save the Children by Reopening Baby Formula Plant

Joe Biden has turned his back on the American people. He has embraced the idea that all illegals need to be taken care of first. The old man has taken it upon himself to remove all the baby formula and ship it to the southern border to feed the children of migrants. His action has […]

Sanders Calls Out DINO Manchin

Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem to mind when there are RINOs like Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney are helping to push a liberal agenda through Congress. However, he’s absolutely furious that someone from his own party could be helping the GOP. Joe Manchin is a Democrat from West Virginia. However, he’s a thorn in the side […]

Video Game Industry Gets Dragged into the Abortion Argument

It seems every industry has had a view on abortion. Some have kept to themselves while others have shouted their views from the rooftops. It’s not really an industry’s right to have an opinion. It’s between a woman and God. The video game industry is focused on churning out games of every kind as a […]

Nonbinary – The Newest Category for Runners…What Sport is Next?

We’ve seen how transgender people are getting ahead. They claim that they are a different gender than what they were born as. And we’re supposed to simply accept it even though they are stronger and faster than their competitors. We’ve seen the issue pop up in swimming, running, and more. What about the nonbinaries of […]

Small Business Shows Support for Law Enforcement Only to Become Target of Anti-police Mob

San Francisco, California, has become one of America’s least favorite cities to visit. The city has fallen into the hands of the Democratic Party, which has systematically turned the place into a criminal’s paradise. And any person or business that is willing to support law enforcement is immediately targeted by hate groups that will not […]

Another Problem with Electric Cars…

If you’ve been listening to the White House at all, you know that the political left really wants you to trade in your gas-guzzling car for something that’s supposedly more environmentally friendly. There are just a few not so minor problems with that. First is that, as of right now, it’s really just not all […]

Biden Pushed J&J Vaccines on Everyone and Now Look

The Biden administration pushed and pushed for Americans to get vaccinated. They pushed the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines first. Then, as soon as Johnson & Johnson launched their one-shot vaccine, that one was pushed. In some instances, people couldn’t choose which vaccine they wanted. They simply rolled up their sleeves to get whatever was available […]

Is Biden’s Disinformation Board Already Dissolving?

The concept of “disinformation” has been used a lot over the past two years. We heard Donald Trump shout “fake news” on a number of occasions because the liberal news outlets liked to change what was going on. The concept became more heavily used during COVID so that the government could establish what was and […]

Stacey Abrams’ Loss Grew Her Net Worth…Interesting

Usually, when a political candidate loses a race, especially a high-profile one such as for the governorship, their prestige and respectability often diminishes. After all, they failed, right? As a result, their overall net worth also typically drops, as most people are no longer willing to pay into or support someone who couldn’t even get […]

Want To Be a Member of the Cool Kids Club? Be a Republican Governor

If you live in one of their states you already know this, but being a Republican governor is one of the best ways to be a part of the cool kids club. They understand the idea of freedom and let their people embrace all of it at once. By putting the needs and wants of […]

The Roe Leak is a Distraction…

As you’ve likely heard, there’s been a significant leak from one of the most important cases in Supreme Court history – one that could very well overturn the legality of abortion in the United States. And while there is a reason for one side to leak such information in the hopes of swaying the High […]