Manchin Dashes Democratic Hopes As He Picks Apart Reconciliation Bill

Democrats at all levels are fighting to find ways of letting illegals gain access to America ahead of upcoming elections. They need these people to enter the country for what can only be seen as an undetermined reason. The liberals usually have a reason for the illegal things they try and do, which is usually […]

Monica Lewinsky Still Grabbing Spotlight with Comments on Clinton – This Time it’s About an Apology

Monica Lewinsky. Most would agree she is the epitome of infamous. Even if not when walking down the street, definitely every time she wears a blue dress. But what is it that our friend Monica does with her time nowadays? It seems hard to believe, but apparently, she is still doing what she’s always done […]

Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Comes Out of Hiding to Blow Kimchi Scented Lies From Her Mouth…”We Wish No One Harm”

The wicked witch of the north has come out to play. Kim Jong-Un’s notorious sister is once again threatening to unleash her flying monkeys. Kim Yo Jong is saying North Korea will karate chop every existing political tie with their southern neighbor if they don’t succumb to her demands. Since she wouldn’t have a great […]

Democratic Abuse Grows As This Member of Congress Mistreats Her Staff

The Democratic Party is full of people that only look out for themselves. They may brag about being unified and even do a few things for others once in a great while, but in the end, they are laced with selfishness and greed. And when they no longer need to use another person, they are […]

Get Ready to Pay More…in Taxes and Consumer Goods

The Democrats have a reputation for being fiscally irresponsible. However, as they look for ways to pay for their budget resolutions and liberal wish lists, they become even more irresponsible. They’ll tax anyone and everyone without worrying about the economic repercussions. President Biden said that he didn’t want to tax any American making under $400,000. […]

Senator’s Dire Prediction About Afghanistan Could Make Any American’s Blood Run Cold

Like other former friends and co-workers of President Joe Biden, some senators and others in political positions have felt the need to get either closer to or further away from the now-president. The policy-making position held by the former senator from Delaware means that where some could overlook differences of opinions, there now must be […]

California Will Pay You $300 a Month If You Don’t Shoot Anyone

You know the old adage “Crime doesn’t pay?” Well, the state of California is adding an interesting twist to that. They have instituted a new plan to reduce violent crime in San Francisco, California. They will pay people $300 a month if they don’t shoot someone. It was reported by Fox News that the program, […]

U.S. Civilian Deaths Outnumber Military In 20-Year War…Somethings Wrong Here…Experts Agree…We Could’ve Won

In the 1960s a popular poster bearing the words, “War isn’t healthy for children and other living things,” was tacked to walls everywhere. Any remaining copies of the original posters are now considered collectible antiques, but the saying remains as true today as it ever was. While we all should agree that war isn’t the […]

Biden’s Utopia! Portland Crime Victims Waiting Forever on 911-Response

In most instances, the average wait time for a 911 call should be somewhere between 15 and 20 seconds. In Portland, this average continues to rise. Wait times are starting to reach a full minute. Sadly, this city is filled with unlucky residents who are being forced to wait for an even longer period of […]

DeSantis Vows To Fight Against Biden’s Dictatorship

Joe Biden’s lame announcement that his patience is wearing thin regarding Americans refusing the vaccine is a wake-up call of how desirous he is of setting up a dictatorship in America. The old president has come out and threatened that he would use his executive powers to force the remaining 80 million people to get […]

Is This What You Voted for? Biden Ends Medical Freedom in the United States!

It’s time for the Republicans and Democrats to realize that they are in the same boat here. While the GOP has tried their best to remain on the side of businesses, they are not nearly as bad as the Democrats. There are some Republicans who are starting not to believe that businesses are able to […]

The Left Is Desperate to Control Your Language Not COVID

The medical community has not been being honest with us throughout the pandemic. We have seen it time and time again. The lies and deception that they are engaging in are shameless. It only gets worse by the day at this point. The CDC is at the forefront of these lies. They change their minds […]

Because We Let It Happen! Dems Are Now Calling for Climate Change Lockdowns – We Warned You!

The Daily Caller has posted this theory and while some may be willing to dismiss it out of hand, we are here to tell you that this is a dangerous approach. This all started because of the sizable number of lockdowns that took place last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The negative impacts of […]

What America Really Thinks! “F**K Joe Biden” Chants Spreading Across the Country (Video)

The videos that you are about to see contain some very harsh language. We are simply giving our less acid-tongued readers a chance to avoid them. For most of us, they are music to the ears. Finally, people are waking up and smelling the coffee when it comes to good old Sleepy Joe. The movement […]

Heartbeat Ban…Coming to a GOP State Near You

Texas has angered liberals by creating what is known as the “heartbeat ban.” Essentially, abortions after the six-week mark are illegal. To follow that up, those who aid and abet abortions may find themselves being fined or facing criminal charges. The Supreme Court has already declined to block the abortion law. Since they’ve allowed it, […]

Sex-Trafficker in Chief!? and It’s Getting Worse! Biden Admin Can’t Account for a Third of Unaccompanied Migrant Children

The Biden administration has failed all of these unaccompanied migrant children and it is a sad sight to see. These children illegally crossed the border because Biden encouraged it. He should have known that there was nothing here for them. Instead, he made this everyone else’s problem and moved onto the next disaster. Biden’s so […]

And It Get’s Worse! DoD Had Kabul Suicide Bomber Under Surveillance but Biden Refused to Order Drone Strike

Roger Pardo-Maurer, the former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs (2001-2006), paid a visit to Univision Noticias on Monday. He had a sit down with Jorge Ramos and it was a very illuminating chat. They spoke about the terrible withdrawal plans that Biden made and we were happy to hear it. […]

Voter Fraud Surfaces in Georgia as Liberals Continue to Look the Other Way

The liberals refuse to believe that there was voter fraud to land Biden into the White House. They had no trouble believing that voter fraud existed when Trump won the presidency. And, they had no trouble believing that more Americans than ever before came out to vote for an old, white male – the very […]

When Are You Getting Your Story Straight? CDC Warns That COVID Vaccine Protection for Elderly Was Overstated

The booster timetable has been set at eight months and we have been wondering if it is going to be pushed up. Of course, there are scientists who are wondering if boosters are even needed for the segment of the population that is under the age of 65. Now, there is even more data that […]

Biden’s Taliban Friends! Taliban Hang US Collaborator Using Helicopters Biden Left Behind (Video)

The Taliban is getting bolder by the day. They are openly taunting the United States and they do not care who knows it. This is what happens when Joe Biden is given the chance to call the shots. It is only a matter of time before our enemies start to feel like they can do […]

Listen to the Science! New Study: Natural Immunity 13 Times Stronger Than Vaccine Induced

Maccabi Healthcare Services has big news to share when it comes to the vaccines. This study is not peer reviewed yet but thousands of people were tracked. If the findings from this study are eventually borne out, this could be a major game changer for the rest of the world. Imagine how much easier life […]

CDC Knows Masking Kids is Pointless but Won’t Admit It

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the nation’s health protection agency. They should be acting in the best interests of the country – and provide us with reliable information. What happens when they ignore the results of a study, though? What happens when they decide to follow a political part and fear-monger […]

Cocaine and Meth are Contaminating Washington State’s Criminal Cases

We trust toxicology labs to tell us about a significant amount of information, particularly when it comes to criminal cases. What happens when we can’t trust the results coming out of a lab, though? This is the question that many in Washington state are beginning to ask. There’s been a contamination within the Washington State […]

After Agreeing to Serve as Pelosi’s Gop Rat, House Dems Secretly Work to Eliminate His Seat

The Democrats loved deploying various henchmen when it was time to kneecap Trump but now? The Biden crime syndicate is ready to dispose of them entirely. Adam Kinzinger is the latest victim of their cruelty and we cannot get over how rude they are being. When they could use Kinzinger, he was a wonderful asset. […]

Finally Some Common Sense! Supreme Court Orders Biden to Immediately Reinstate Remain in Mexico Policy

The Supreme Court of the United States made a major decision on Tuesday, as they look to restore some common sense to our insane world. The Biden administration was looking to stop the “Remain In Mexico” policy from the Trump era from being reinstated. They did not care that it was the best choice at […]

What the World Really Thinks About Joe Biden! Tony Blair Calls Biden “Imbecile” Over Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal

Joe Biden has already shown that he is totally incompetent. Now that he has shown his true colors, the rest of the world is left to pick up the pieces. Germany and England are looking to others for help now and Biden should be ashamed that he has pushed things to this point. That’s a […]

Body Count Outside Kabul Airport Rises While Biden Claims No Reports About Americans Having Trouble Reaching the Airport

While the latest death toll outside of the Kabul airport does not appear to be the direct result of ISIS involvement yet, there are many who are worried about their impending arrival at the capital. The latest reports on this conflict come courtesy of the British military, which is actively working to assist their own […]

Dems Allow Sex Offenders in So States Can Clean Up the Messes

The Biden administration has created a giant mess. The southern border might as well be wide open with the number of illegal migrants they’re allowing into the United States on a monthly basis. Thousands enter every single week without being tested for COVID and without even being background checked. As a result, we’re infecting our […]

House Democrats Make Clear That Americans Should Have No Expectation Biden Admin Would Come to Rescue Them

The ill-timed Biden Kabul retreat has left many Americans stranded behind enemy lines, as we all know. He raced to the exits before he had any sort of plan that wasn’t doomed to failure. It was sad to watch in the moment and things are only getting more and more ridiculous. Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA), […]

And the Horror Begins! Taliban Execute Women for Not Wearing Burqas and Biden Blames Victims

The Taliban may be proclaiming a renewed interest in protecting the rights of women but their actions and their words are not matching at the moment. Sure, they can make all of the statements in the world about catering to the women of their country. That’s not what they actually believe, even if their woke […]

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