And Another Fauci Lie Comes Crashing Down! Sky News Releases Explosive Video From Inside the Wuhan Bioweapons Lab

Scientists who are looking to learn more about the true origin of the current pandemic that we are suffering have been making more and more progress. They are slowly uncovering the truth about this horrific virus that has upended public life in a manner that we have never seen before. More and more evidence is […]

Wow! Terror Threat Received by Forest Service Was Sent by Biden’s Bureau of Land Management Nominee

President Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of Land Management should be disqualified from this post, according to new information that has been presented by a Republican senator. His nominee is said to have engaged in acts of eco-terrorism. Senator John Barasso of Wyoming is responsible for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Tracy Stone-Manning […]

Rashida Tlaib Gets Confused on What Freedom of Speech Looks Like

Rashida Tlaib, one of “The Squad” members in the House is confused. She believes that she doesn’t have freedom of speech… Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right in the United States. It allows us to articulate our opinions without censorship, legal sanction, or retaliation. It’s what makes our country so great. We can […]

This Is a First! We Agree With AOC Democrats Should Take a Public Position on Filibuster

We never thought that we would be saying this but AOC has become quite the asset to the GOP. First, she was the one who would not stop talking about taking away funding from the police. The slogan was branded into everyone’s minds to the point where it was exclusively associated with her party. From […]

Are You Kidding? Fauci: If You Attack Me You Are Attacking Science

Dr. Fauci will not stop repeating this point. With all due respect, it is time for him to stop. While Dr. Fauci has admitted that his views have been subject to change as he has learned more about the virus, there is still much to be desired from the doctor’s thought process. Once it became […]

Biden’s Hateful America! Progressives Drop Their Friends Over Politics

The American Enterprise Institute’s Survey Center of American Life latest survey results took a closer look at the effects that politics can have on modern friendships. In such a frayed political landscape, it is easy to see why this is becoming more and more of a debate for many. Their May survey examined a range […]

Are They Really That Clueless or Just Malicious? Yellen Suggest Inflation Is Great for America

These people have lost their minds and we are not sure if there is any way to help them find them at this point. Things only seem to be getting crazier and crazier. Do they have even the faintest idea of what they are doing? You may have recently heard about Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen […]

Murderous Collusion! Fauci Emails Prove He and Other “Doctors” Conspired to Suppress Lifesaving COVID Treatments Killing Millions

Since last year, numerous conservative sources have been reporting about the potential effectiveness of new COVID-19 treatments. Of course, the mainstream media looked to suppress all of this because it was coming from the mean old orange man that they hate so much. It has not taken long for this strategy to backfire on them […]

You Have to Watch This! BLM Activist Can’t Remember the Name in Whose Name He’s Burning Down Minneapolis

This is the most ridiculous thing that we have seen lately and considering the amount of insanity we have been subjected to? That is saying something. These are the scenes that make us wonder what country we are living in. The latest riots in Minneapolis that were sparked by the Black Lives Matter protesters contained […]

Who’s the Terrorist? 4 Domestic Terrorists Accused of Brutal Crimes Including Explosive Charges

Four members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter were recently apprehended. Now that they have been arrested, they are facing an absolute slew of charges. Portland is where this arrest went down because of course it was! The arrests also stemmed from the supposedly peaceful protests. The Oregonian has more about the charges and the […]

Law Prevails for Pro-Life Advocate Taken Prisoner by Murderous Liberals

Marilyn Hatch is a woman that cannot see the helpless baby killed before it can ever open their eyes in the world. Hatch was charged with “Obstructing Health Care Facility Access.” The murderous liberals thought they finally had a pro-life advocate by the throat until they received a letter from her lawyers claiming that what […]

On What Planet Are They Living? Biden Claims Republicans, Eh – White Supremacists, Are Bigger Threat Than Isis or Al Qaeda

Joe Biden loves pandering to the liberals and this might be his greatest feat yet. In his mind, “white supremacy” is now the greatest threat that our homeland is currently grappling with. ISIS and Al Qaeda can move over! The white supremacists are here to take the title. Biden delivered these remarks in Tulsa, where […]

Biden Imports Oil From Iran for the First Time Since 1991, Giving Iran’s Mullahs Billions to Expand Terror in the Middle East

The United States is importing oil from Iran for the first time in 30 years. This is significant for a number of reasons. We’ll start by allowing The Financial Post to offer some more background on the transaction: “The United States imported a rare cargo of 1.033 million barrels of Iranian crude in March despite […]

Florida Explores a Ban on Bans

If it were up to the liberals, they would simply ban anything and anyone that they don’t like. If there’s a disagreement between parties, the liberals would prefer to simply ban one side so that they don’t have to listen, compromise, or even show tolerance. Now, Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida, is about […]

Maybe This Is Still America? Biden’s Racist Rescue Plan Rules Will See Their Day in Court

The American Rescue Pan drew a lot of ire when Biden initially came up with it and rightfully so. No one wants to see a racist plan like this enacted by a sitting president under any circumstances. $29 billion was set aside for farmers, restaurant owners and other businesses that were adversely affected by the […]

What a Joke! Psaki Claims Biden Has So Much Energy It’s Hard to Keep up With Him

The White House is constantly telling all sorts of lies about Biden’s physical and mental acuity ever since he took office. It’s funny to watch them spin their wheels in this way. The lies are only getting more and more outlandish these days. The next thing you know, they are going to be saying that […]

New Chess Game Starts in Los Angeles With Kids Being Used as Pawns

Democrats at all levels love taking kids hostage to push their terrible ideas. In Los Angeles, California, the school district continues to dig its heels into the ground, refusing and changing its minds as to what it will take to get back into the classroom. For nearly a year, they have made deals and decided […]

This Is Your President! Biden Mumbles Incoherently Reading His Notes at Fema Meeting (Video)

Monday’s live stream from FEMA’s headquarters contained some highly unintentional comedy but we are here for it nonetheless. We are not entirely sure what happened here but we wouldn’t rule out a stroke. Biden’s struggles with public speaking continue. Maybe they need to start sending out Kamala for some of these? We’re not saying that […]

Biden Jokes About Murdering Press Proves the Liberal Media Slant

It’s important for politicians to have a sense of humor. It shows they’re human. It shows that they don’t take themselves too seriously. However, there’s a fine line between joking and making threats. If the media were truly the unbiased parties that they claim to be, how they treat a Republican versus a Democrat would […]

Fauci Admits He Was Lying About His Involvement in Funding Development of COVID in Chinese Bioweapons Lab

Dr. Fauci has been toeing the line and bowing down to his Chinese overlords for quite some time now. That is what makes this story such an amazing one. After over a year of lying to the American people, he finally seems to take the plunge. This just might be his greatest flip-flop yet. He’s […]

New Report Shows Fauci Funded the Development of COVID Bioweapon

The US House of Representatives, under the leadership of Devin Nunes, are breaking this story wide open. The report that they have released is quite the doozy. The United States is found to have been likely to engage in dangerous Chinese research. The COVID-19 virus is likely to have escaped from one of these Chinese […]

Truth Is Coming out! the Head of the Teachers Union Admits That They Decided CDC Guidelines Despite Overwhelming Science

We need to know something here. Is it all that common for a stakeholder to supply input to an agency that they end up using verbatim when it comes time to issue new regulations? We didn’t think so but apparently, we need to rethink our ideas of what is truly commonplace. The CDC is supposed […]

Must See! 4th Grader Speaks up During Emergency School Board Meeting

This 4th grader has received lots and lots of attention on social media and we cannot stop laughing at the clip. He got the chance to participate in an emergency board meeting, making everyone chuckle in the process. Can you believe that this child was able to come up with more sound reasoning than most […]

Biden’s Science Deniers Double Down on Mask Mandates Despite CDC Guidelines

Blue states cannot shut up about their willingness to follow the science. We all knew that was not going to last much longer, though. Science is now saying that it is time for the restrictions to be relaxed but these same blue states are claiming that they are not ready yet. It’s hilarious to watch […]

Biden’s Confusion is a Disgrace to Maine and to the Country as a Whole

Are we ever going to see Joe Biden in a healthy mental state? Probably not. Confusion has been his deal since the moment he decided he was going to run in the primaries. And the liberals were brainwashed enough to vote for him – even when he couldn’t even remember what position he was running […]

What Is Going on? Chrissy Teigen Wants to Convince Adults and Teenagers to Kill Themselves

Chrissy Teigen may have made a name for herself by being a Trump hater (as well as by being married to someone who is actually talented) but now she’s going to be known for something else entirely. She was trying to emulate the pseudo-celebrity strategy of crossing over in the world of cooking. Thanks to […]

Wall Going up and Biden Is Falling Down

Joe Biden sat in his office on day one and systematically made decisions that would create a volatile situation in many places. When he erased the safeguards that Donald Trump had put into place to protect the border, the illegals began to swarm, and now there is an unsafe situation brewing. Biden has failed to […]

Hamas Celebrates Bombing of Israel on Twitter and Dorsey Cheerfully Chimes In

A few months ago, Twitter made an announcement that rocked the conservative community and is still having major reverberations. They let the world know that Donald Trump was kicked off the platform. They even took it one step further and said that he would never be allowed back. The leader of the free world not […]

Biden Re-Institutes Segregation! NY Baseball Stadium Segregating Fans Based on Vax Status

Governor Andrew Cuomo is firing off executive mandates like a madman these days. It seems like we can barely keep track of all the new rules that he is making. Now, we are about to start digging into one of his most insane policies yet. According to his latest edict, NY residents will be able to […]

Finally a Protest We Can All Agree With! Ocean City in Maryland Launches “Free the Nipple” Protest Campaign

Some might remember when five women from Ocean City, Maryland filed a lawsuit against their city back in 2017. They wanted to know why they could not sunbathe topless on the beach, since men are allowed to do so. The City Council responded by passing an emergency resolution to keep the ban in place. The […]

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