Nonbinary – The Newest Category for Runners…What Sport is Next?

We’ve seen how transgender people are getting ahead. They claim that they are a different gender than what they were born as. And we’re supposed to simply accept it even though they are stronger and faster than their competitors. We’ve seen the issue pop up in swimming, running, and more. What about the nonbinaries of […]

Small Business Shows Support for Law Enforcement Only to Become Target of Anti-police Mob

San Francisco, California, has become one of America’s least favorite cities to visit. The city has fallen into the hands of the Democratic Party, which has systematically turned the place into a criminal’s paradise. And any person or business that is willing to support law enforcement is immediately targeted by hate groups that will not […]

Another Problem with Electric Cars…

If you’ve been listening to the White House at all, you know that the political left really wants you to trade in your gas-guzzling car for something that’s supposedly more environmentally friendly. There are just a few not so minor problems with that. First is that, as of right now, it’s really just not all […]

Biden Pushed J&J Vaccines on Everyone and Now Look

The Biden administration pushed and pushed for Americans to get vaccinated. They pushed the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines first. Then, as soon as Johnson & Johnson launched their one-shot vaccine, that one was pushed. In some instances, people couldn’t choose which vaccine they wanted. They simply rolled up their sleeves to get whatever was available […]

Is Biden’s Disinformation Board Already Dissolving?

The concept of “disinformation” has been used a lot over the past two years. We heard Donald Trump shout “fake news” on a number of occasions because the liberal news outlets liked to change what was going on. The concept became more heavily used during COVID so that the government could establish what was and […]

Stacey Abrams’ Loss Grew Her Net Worth…Interesting

Usually, when a political candidate loses a race, especially a high-profile one such as for the governorship, their prestige and respectability often diminishes. After all, they failed, right? As a result, their overall net worth also typically drops, as most people are no longer willing to pay into or support someone who couldn’t even get […]

Want To Be a Member of the Cool Kids Club? Be a Republican Governor

If you live in one of their states you already know this, but being a Republican governor is one of the best ways to be a part of the cool kids club. They understand the idea of freedom and let their people embrace all of it at once. By putting the needs and wants of […]

The Roe Leak is a Distraction…

As you’ve likely heard, there’s been a significant leak from one of the most important cases in Supreme Court history – one that could very well overturn the legality of abortion in the United States. And while there is a reason for one side to leak such information in the hopes of swaying the High […]

Liberal Organization Attacks Republican Group in Portland with Smoke Bombs at Peaceful Rally

The lousy Democrats have selected groups that they empower to do their dirty work at their disposal. They empower groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa to carry out their violent expressions since they cannot rightfully do it themselves and remain in office. The liberals in Washington love to disavow any knowledge of involvement […]

The Ghost of Kyiv Has Finally Been Identified

As the latest leaked footage of Ukraine downloads on YouTube, you hear that crack in the distance and see a jet flying by. In a subsequent clip, you see what looks like the same jet blowing up a target plane. Then another. A third narrowly escapes, but it is heavily damaged. Could it be? Did […]

Ilhan Omar Makes Every Issue Racist – Look What She Does With DeSantis

Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has the uncanny ability to turn any issue into one of racism. She walks around DC with her tinted glasses, pointing out examples of racism and white supremacy – even when it is a blatant lie. Now, she’s doing it again over what Ron DeSantis is doing in Florida. Keep in mind […]

2,000 Mules: Exposing the Truth Behind the 2020 Election

The Democratic Party has said from before the results poured in that the 2020 presidential election was the most secure election in American history. We heard it from everyone – the media, Senator Chuck Schumer, and even Joe Biden. What we’re told isn’t always what we should believe, however. The 2020 presidential election was unique […]

Biden’s Gas Guzzling Corvette Is the Epitome of Hypocrisy

The Democrats love to show off their hypocrisy in as many ways as they can. We saw it all throughout COVID when they demanded that people wear masks – only for them to be pictured without a mask somewhere. AOC went to a party without a mask. Nancy Pelosi went to a hair salon during […]

Jeff Bezos Accuses Elon Musk of Working with China to Take Over Twitter

Jeff Bezos is one jealous billionaire. One would think that having billions of dollars would be enough for the man, but he is upset that Elon Musk is offering to buy Twitter and turn it into another one of his successful businesses. The sad part about Bezos and what he is doing to vent his […]

The Army’s Wasting Billions on Tech Toys…and It’s Not Over

Tech toys are fun. We’ve all been guilty of waiting in line for the latest and greatest iPhone or simply being envious when someone posts photos of a fun tech gadget that they bought for their home. Toys are fun. And tech toys for the military are both fun and necessary. We keep hearing about […]

Elizabeth Warren Claims Democrats Will Lose… But Her Reasons Are All Wrong

Senator Elizabeth Warren is sharp. Although she’s a Democrat, she’s capable of deducing when her Party is going to lose. And she’s seen the red wave that has been crashing over various liberal cities, counties, and states for the past year. Americans have spoken. They aren’t interested in progressive agendas. The only thing that Democrats […]

More Migrants, More Democrats Looking the Other Way

Every time we turn around, there are more illegal migrants entering the southern border. They’re climbing over fences, wading across the Rio Grande, and driving through in caravans. We’ve seen hundreds of people show up at a time – and many get a free pass to get into the interior of the U.S. Republicans are […]

2,000 Mules: Exposing the Truth Behind the 2020 Election

The Democratic Party has said from before the results poured in that the 2020 presidential election was the most secure election in American history. We heard it from everyone – the media, Senator Chuck Schumer, and even Joe Biden. What we’re told isn’t always what we should believe, however. The 2020 presidential election was unique […]

Brittney Griner’s Trial Is Approaching…The Phoenix Mercury Star Faces a Decade In Commie Prison

The Russians have been fairly silent concerning the fate of basketball star Brittney Griner. As a Black gay American female in a country at war, this could not be a worse time for her to be rotting away in a Moscow prison. Griner was arrested at the Moscow Airport for illegally possessing a THC substance […]

Joe Manchin Warns Biden’s Secretary of State About Negotiating with Iran

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia has some words for Biden’s Secretary of State. He wrote a letter to Antony Blicken that called on the State Department to not rush into giving Iran relief from their heavy sanctions. Manchin is concerned about the way the Biden administration is moving into a new nuclear deal […]

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki Under Fire for Conflict of Interest

As she gets ready to depart the White House for an analyst role at MSNBC, Press Secretary Jen Psaki gets the opportunity to experience accusations of inappropriate activity herself. This perspective is not one she is used to. She may have spent the better part of the last two years defending President Biden from attacks […]

Dem Insiders’ Worst Trump Nightmare to Come True?

As you have likely heard, there is a red wave of politics on the horizon, meaning the upcoming November midterm election season is expected to see more Republican wins than Democratic ones. At the very least, several seats in both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are expected to flip. And that means, […]

Of Course, Biden Didn’t Pay His Fair Share on Taxes…

Remember when the political left trounced former President Donald Trump for not releasing his tax records? Naturally, they claimed he and his family business must be hiding something, perhaps that he didn’t pay taxes or didn’t claim the income he actually earned. Even still, there are those going after the Trump family on such ideas. […]

Brazil’s Military is Buying Penile Implants – Don’t Let Biden Hear This

The military in any country has the ability to spend money on just about anything. However, if the spending starts to stray away from ordinary defense expenditures, the people are going to hear about it. In Brazil, the military has used some of their money on penile implants. Now, it begs the question as to […]

Mask Mandate Makes Roaring Comeback as CDC Fearfully Recommends Masks Again

The Center for Disease Control is under the leadership of the Democratic Party. The information they provide will be tainted with liberalism and full of socialist regulations designed to control people. Joe Biden keeps toying with letting people take their masks off on planes, but with the new recommendations traveling with a mask will be […]

Abbott’s Threat Against DC Worked

As you well know, our southern border has been a mess for some time now. And thanks to Democratic President Joe Biden’s love of everything not American, it has only grown worse in the nearly two years that he has been in leadership. Fortunately, some are willing to stand up for Americans and our communities—those […]

When Even Al Sharpton is Disgusted, You Know There’s a Problem…

If you know anything about Reverend Al Sharpton, it’s likely that he’s about as leftward leaning as they come on most issues. I mean, this is a guy who believes in reparations, who believes in critical race theory, and who thinks Black Lives Matter is actually doing good in our country. And yet, according to […]

Biden’s Secret Police Laced with Corruption as Bribes are Taken

Joe Biden has worked hard to develop a police force that he can use for his plans. He tried to empower the FBI with the ability to target parents willing to intervene on behalf of their kids in what they were being taught in schools. He has empowered the Department of Justice to have a […]

Michigan Attorney General Says She Won’t Enforce a State Abortion Law

Dana Nessel, a Democrat, is the Attorney General for the state of Michigan. She just declared this week that she will not abide by a 91-year-old law on the books of her state that outlaws abortion. She apparently supports a lawsuit filed against her office by Planned Parenthood. According to local news agencies in Michigan, […]

Uranium Water Contamination Found in Multiple Areas of the United States

The Democratic Party has undoubtedly made of mess of things around the country. Their socialist outlook on life and government leads them to think that terrible conditions are acceptable living conditions for people. The liberal leaders in Michigan failed to address their water problem in Flint, Michigan, which has left people unable to drink the […]